Sunderland v Liverpool Guess the Score: can SAFC rise above their limitations?

Jake: 'men versus men would be a good start'
Jake: ‘men versus men would be a good start’

That slice of hopeful humanity known as Sunderland supporters will once again demonstrate monumental patience on Wednesday and troop through the Stadium of Light turnstiles to see what the Lads can muster versus Liverpool.

Perhaps some of us are too hard on them. They are professionals, broadly doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, individually and collectively.

If they are, quite simply, not good enough, is that their fault or the responsibility of Ellis Short, Lee Congerton and a processions of past managers? Naturally, there are those we suspect do not always give their all for Sunderland AFC – and that is unforgivable.

The one entirely blameless figure, at least in terms of personnel, is Sam Allardyce. He can only play the hand he’s been dealt. Come midnight on Jan 2, it may even feel too late for him to acquire new cards in the hope of saving the season.

Or, against all odds and certainly against Monsieur Salut’s expectation, will he enter the transfer window clutching six new points and the confidence and hope they would bring?

Guess the score in the first of the games to come, home to Liverpool. it’s a rollover so two mugs for the first to predict the correct score, before kickoff. Anyone can enter – a Liverpool winner would win Liverpool-related mugs, but you must have a UK postal address.

Come back later for a Liverpool “Who are You?”


Salut! Sunderland: How do you reckon Merseyside football rivalries compare with the North East equivalent?

David Usher, founder of fanzine, The Liverpool Way, and writer on LFC for ESPN FC.:

It’s different in terms of we’re in the same city so have more interaction with each other than you probably do, but my brother in law lives in Washington, so he’s kind of in the middle and has to deal with “the Mags” – as he calls them – on a daily basis at work, and he genuinely hates them. I assume it’s the same at the Newcastle end too, it’s not a friendly rivalry in any way shape or form is it? The Merseyside rivalry isn’t as friendly as it’s often portrayed, but it’s not that bad either and most of the hostility comes from the blue side. Don’t believe me? Next time you see a derby at Anfield on TV look at the faces in the crowd when an Everton player goes to take a throw in or a corner, and then compare it to what it’s like when our players go to Goodison. It’s night and day.

Many of our fans don’t really care too much about Everton, but the sight of a red shirt is enough to send their mob into a frenzy. It’s like a scene from the Walking Dead. Most of our hatred is reserved for Man United and more recently Chelsea too. I suppose the best way to explain it is that I imagine Sunderland’s biggest game is Newcastle and vice versa, while Everton’s biggest is definitely Liverpool. The Everton fixture is not the first one we look for when the fixture list comes out though, and in some cases it may not even be the second or third. Everton are a bit like a jealous little brother.

15 thoughts on “Sunderland v Liverpool Guess the Score: can SAFC rise above their limitations?”

  1. 0-1 defeat will defend well with just the one almighty blooper whilst yet again not being able to find out where the opponents goal is.

    • Looks like the mug is heading your way Mr Ray.

      Spot on comment. You didn’t happen to win the £40 million roll over lottery last night too did you or are you really Russell Grant?

      I’m sure M Salut will be in touch pretty soon – but he’s feeling a bit sick today and he wasn’t even at the game last night!

  2. Sunderland 0 Liverpool 2 – and that is also being optimistic. Irony could be the improvement in Liverpool since the return of Jordan Henderson.

  3. The lads keep living up to my expectations and I don’t see anything changing for this game. Lads 1 Liverfool 3

  4. I am hoping [ praying ] that Sam can instil some confidence and competence into his defenders. Liverpool are not unbeatable, as recent results have demonstrated.
    1-0 to SAFC

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