Arsenal v Sunderland Guess the Score: a quick return to the library

Jake: 'should I be booking my flight from Spain for the final?'
Jake: ‘should I be booking my flight from Spain for the final?’

Salut! Sunderland is in an irrational hurry to reach that third millionth hit. It will happen sooner or later but posting Guess the Score early in the week will hasten progress towards the milestone. Don’t forget there’s another competition, arising from our little statistical celebration, and that carries a prize worth £50 at Now guess the score in Saturday’s FA Cup third round game at the Emirates …

It seems only five minutes since we were last in the hushed cloisters of north London’s principle football cathedral (sorry Spurs but your little ground is more of a chapel). There were encouraging signs in that Premier game and 3-1 was a scoreline to flatter Arsenal, though we cannot take credit for having silenced their fans since – on the admission of many of their own – they’re always like that.

Now the stakes are different. The FA Cup is a trophy Arsenal can actually win so Saturday probably means a lot more to them than it does to us, what with our rather pressing problems at the bottom of the Premier League. OK, that was unnecessarily cruel on the Gunners;’ present place in football’s pecking order; they look the only team capable of stopping Manchester City win the title and, on balance as decided by my preference for their manager, I’d like that to happen.

Back to the cup. The heart says “go for it” and even the head remembers we both reached a final and stayed up a couple of seasons ago. Plenty of fans, though not a majority I suspect, would settle for relegation if there was the glory of our first significant trophy in 42 years to ease the pain.

The reality is that Big Sam will send out a team commensurate with the more urgent demands that lie ahead in games at Swansea and, absurdly soon afterwards, Tottenham. Maybe that will give us a chance to see whether the young bloods Pete Sixsmith and other see at Under 21 level can press for first-team recognition.

Let us introduce you to our Guess the Score sponsors

Now is the time to Guess the Score. Our Arsenal “Who are You” interviewee, a man also called Sixsmith and a disloyal family member to boot, reckons it will be a home romp, 3-0.

Andy Sixsmith, the sports presenter for Made in Tyne and Wear TV, also believes Sunderland will go down and that Arsenal will win the cup again. Let’s hope he is wrong on at least the first two of those predictions; if not, he’ll have his Uncle Pete to answer to.

Come back later in the week to see his interview in full.

And for now, have a go at Saturday’s score. A mug from our generous Weardale-based sponsors, Personalised Football Gifts, awaits the supporter – who can be a fan of either club, or neither – who is the first to post the correct result. The design of the mug varies according to the winner’s allegiance. our version looks like this (with the name of your choice as No 12) …

The classic 'dressing room' mug. If a Villa fan wins the design will reflect their own allegiance
The classic ‘dressing room’ mug

As usual, Monsieur Salut’s decision shall be final. And yes, he wants Sunderland to win and go on to have a great run all the way to Wembley – and still survive in the league.

Ha’way the Lads.

Take a bow, Jake. Your graphics play an important part
Take a bow, Jake. Your graphics play an important part

20 thoughts on “Arsenal v Sunderland Guess the Score: a quick return to the library”

  1. I feel we might sneak this by a goal so 0-1 – Malcolm Ray has already nabbed that score so any winnings are his and I will make do with the shared glory

  2. “It didn’t take a genius to realise that anything short of a win would have left us with as much chance of avoiding relegation as South Africa have of winning the second Test.” is what I wrote in the intro to Sixer’s Soapbox on Sunday.

    Now it’s Wednesday and with England six wickets down, only 126 ahead with more than 50 overs left to play it just goes to show that anything can happen in Sport. So on that basis:

    Arsenal 0 – Sunderland 5 ! 🙂

  3. We will defend well, Pickford will add another 0 to the end of his price tag and we will scrape through to the next round. Arse nil S’land 1

  4. Arsenal 2 – Sunderland 0 with Big Sam making wholesale changes and playing the ressies. We concentrate on the league.

  5. My glass is currently half empty due to the impending second string XI appearing at the weekend. To the tune of 3-1 to the Arse.

    Gooch to score our goal.

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