SAFC v Bournemouth Guess the Score: give us a winter warmer, Sam

Jake: 'me nervous? Why would you think that?'
Jake: ‘me nervous? Why would you think that?’

Just for fun, if following incessant SAFC relegation battles can truly be considered fun, have a go at guessing Saturday’s score.

As Sunderland begin 2016 with Costel Pantilimon off to Watford and Danny Graham bound for Blackburn, there may be chances for Big Sam’s new men to shine in this massive home game.

Bournemouth will probably feel a lot more relaxed than us. They have more points, less weight of expectation on their shoulders and some decent players.

There can be no excuse for anything less than a Sunderland display of total passion and discipline. If Jan Kirchhoff plays, he must show his Bayern Munich pedigree rather than the Sunday league impersonation we saw against Spurs. Dame N’Doye has to live up to Jermain Defoe’s first impressions. “I trained with him yesterday morning and you can see straight away that he’s strong,” Defoe tells the Northern Echo. “I’ve seen a little bit of him before to be honest, and he’s a good player. I think he’s someone that will help the team, and provide a presence up front.”

We hope a new sponsor will come along before long to restore Guess the Score to competition status. But let’s see the usual mix of blind faith, grim realism and simple hope in your responses below.

M Salut will be on a delayed anniversary trip to chilly Krakow but hopes the texts from Pete Sixsmith at the Stadium of Light will warm him up.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

20 thoughts on “SAFC v Bournemouth Guess the Score: give us a winter warmer, Sam”

  1. 35 – 27

    Oops wrong sport I was thinking Patriots v Broncos and the Panthers will shut out the Cardinals 41 – 0.

    Meanwhile back in the real world 3-1 to us.

  2. we’ve got the scoring habit, so time for Pickford n the Hoff to grasp the Feel of a clean sheet = 3-0 home win

  3. Danny’s gone, so are you going for 5-0? If so, that’s my prediction taken!
    Seriously, 2-1 to the lads, and a VERY nervous final 10 minutes!

  4. As my match report was uncomplimentary to Patrick, Jeremaine, Jonno, M’Vila, Danny and Catts I’ve no doubt they’ll all score.

    including Danny Graham, who would have scored for us if he was still with us – I’ve seen him do it before – but will now propel Blackburn up the table, starting with a hat-trick this weekend

    So that would be 5-0, wouldn’t it

  5. Sorry Cat fans but the Cherries are out to slay another giant by a cheeky 0 -2. Looking forward to the trip north & east and ATB after Saturday ;-}

  6. It’s a 3-2 win for me (of course!) and as I will be there I may even invade the pitch when that score is achieved to stop it changing.

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