Tottenham Hotspur v SAFC Guess the Score: can we go on winning?

Jake: 'any chance of 2-4 again Lads?'
Jake: ‘we don’t expect four every game and will settle for a 1-0 win this time’

Out of sequence as Pete Sixsmith has not yet been able to file his report from Swansea, but let’s crack on …

The win at Swansea was just what was needed. We all sensed defeat would send us scurrying to check out Championship street maps. Even a draw would have felt like a bodyblow but, this being Sunderland, none of us could be sure the Villa result would be repeated.

Despite and thanks to the worst officiating most of us have seen in a single match, we got the win. Not a penalty, not a sending off, offside questions raised about all Jermain Defoe’s goals … but, as Rob Hutchison put it in his one-word ratings, just what Swansea deserved for their wretched insistence on having the game put back because of League Cup commitments, only to make 11 changes to their team).

My daughter Nathalie, her of the disloyal Liverpool allegiance though she does like us too, applied spot of perspective:

Bet you were happy last night, Sam doing a good job … think you can stay up!

A few more signings needed though but nice to see Lens playing well again.

Only one of Defoe’s goals were offside by the way, watched MOTD last night and he just timed run for his second in time with an arched run, the first was off though, the last easily on.

Def non penalty and def no red – was barely a foul.

Now on to Spurs. Just for fun, have a go at guessing the score. The “just for fun” status will last until another kind benefactor comes along to sponsor a prize.

It’s a tougher ask than Villa at home and Swansea away. And Spurs fans will expect an immediate bounceback from the defeat to Leicester. We must rely on Sam to drum some belief into the squad – and to pick the right team to put Spurs noses a bit further out of joint.

Come back later for both Sixer’s Soapbox from the the Liberty Stadium – Pete was there and his report may be delayed by homeward transport plans – and, provided you’re not squeamish, the Spurs “Who are You?”. Be warned: the interviewee doesn’t like us at all. I can assure you that you won’t like him.

Ha’way the Lads.

Jake: 'the doubt has currently been removed - defo no prize'
Jake: ‘the doubt has currently been removed – defo no prize’

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14 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur v SAFC Guess the Score: can we go on winning?”

  1. Spurs had to chase the game yesterday and it was an exhausting night for them. Morale must very high in the Sunderland camp. Settle for a point, it’s time for a nil nil draw.

    • I would assume that unlike our fans the team has gone straight from Swansea to London to minimise the effects of travelling. Spurs have played the same number of games in the same time period as us but of course could be back home after each game.

      I think it’ll be a tough ask and we still seem capable of shooting ourselves in the foot – what was Don Vito doing?

      I’d love to think we can get something so I’m going for 3-1 to us but my head says it will be 3-1 to Spurs.

      As long as this remains “fun only” I’ll have a go and if or when I get one right I’ll drive up the dale and buy a mug.

  2. Spurs 1 – 2 Sunderland……good run continues with hard fought for win…….can we have one Graham Scott to ref/run the line/ be the fourth official

  3. I just have a feeling the 3-2 win is going to happen whilst there is no mug on offer but I am so generous after last night’s win I am going for it anyway!

    • Right Pete, you seem totally obsessed with this 3 – 2 malarkey. Tell you what, should it happen (and I hope it does), I will donate £10 of my hard earned to a charity of your choice as a consolation prize. By the way I’m going for a 1 – 1.

      • Very generous Eric. I am feeling confident so send your cheque made payable to “Mrs Lynn’s Holiday Fund” !!

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