The Yedlin debate and poll: good, OK or awful vs Crystal Palace?

DeAndre Yedlin:
DeAndre Yedlin,
By IIJ Events, via Wikimedia Commons

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Rob Hutchison’s one-word, one-mark verdicts after the draw against Palace had this for our right back: “Yedlin 7 enduring.”

In my ESPN FC match reflections, I also gave DeAndre 7/10 and this made him my man of the match for us (Rob had him joint first with Borini; ESPN’s style is not to award a rating to players used after 70 minutes).

And I said this about him:

This may have been the best display in Sunderland colours for the on-loan Spurs defender. He had a key role in both Sunderland goals, moved forward well and defended dutifully, if occasionally let down by poor final balls.

So even from me, it amounts to faint praise.

I wondered what other SAFC supporters made of it, so posed the question on Twitter, with this resulting debate, some but not all hostile to my view:

There you have it.
What does the Salut! Sunderland jury think?

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

4 thoughts on “The Yedlin debate and poll: good, OK or awful vs Crystal Palace?”

  1. I didn’t expect a huge number of votes so 20 or so, so far, is not bad.

    The alternative options chosen are as follows, with one vote for each:

    Works his socks off but his crossing is atrocious.

    Tries very hard but is very trying


    I take it the last one is a reader’s own MOTM choice.

  2. A curate’s egg of a performance. Got forward well but frustrated in not making enough of opportunities. Possibly his best game but hardly spectacular and overall remains a weakish link.

  3. There was talk last night that Eboue has been offered a short term contract, though nothing official yet. Will be interesting to see who takes the fullback slot if it’s true. Yedlin was OK I thought but not MoM. Hard to pick one out though perhaps for me Khazri worked hardest.

    Since he and Kirchhoff have been in the team M’Vila’s role has changed. He is less visible now but does his job effectively. Rodwell did OK.

    Am I just straw clutching?

  4. Good defensively, pacey. Final ball needs to improve, but 2 or 3 crosses were into good areas- no height in middle to convert. Certainly produces more in the final third than Billy Jones ever has!

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