Norwich City Who are You?: squeaky bums when Sunderland come calling

Jake: 'not for the squeamish'
Jake: ‘not for the squeamish’

Malcolm Dawson writes…….where I agree with Big Sam is that Saturday’s game at Carrow Road is a “must not lose”. Where I disagree with him is that I do feel it is a “must win” fixture. Do the maths. If we lose we are virtually dead and buried. No argument. But a draw still leaves us 4 points behind the Canaries meaning we have to win our game in hand, get at least one more point than them in the remaining four fixtures and hope that should it all come down to goal difference our defeats are by smaller margins than theirs. A win not only puts us just one point behind with that extra game to play but will improve the GD.

Colin Randall flicked through the pages of his interweb contacts and found Gary Gowers, a die hard Norwich fan who maintains the tradition of excellent WAYs from East Anglia. A win for either side will virtually seal the Mags’ fate but I’m pretty sure, whilst wanting all three points both Alex Neil and Sam Allardyce would settle for a draw. Personally I’d rather be in Norwich’s position than ours but as Gary says it’s squeaky bum time this weekend. 

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Let’s not beat about the bush. This question usually appears much later in the list, but give us the bottom four in order (but keep your NCFC-SAFC score prediction for your answer to my final question).

OK… here goes 17th: City 18th: Sunderland 19th: Newcastle 20th: Villa. The heart is 100 per cent certain; the head only 50 per cent, so… well… you know…

Gary Gowers at Wembley
Gary Gowers at Wembley

And Sunderland: I suppose you saw our latest struggle coming – or were you surprised that we couldn’t build on another late escape act?

I did wonder if Advocaat’s miracle at the end of last season may be the start of something but clearly it wasn’t to be – and here you are again. But more importantly, having been here before you’re better equipped than any of us to handle the jangling nerves and out of control bum cheeks. There’s something that irritatingly tells me you’re destined to see it through…… again.

Steve Bruce or Martin O’Neill. Who means most you and why?

Martin O’Neill shades it because not only was he was a brilliant player during two spells at the club, he also then threatened to be a brilliant manager. Unfortunately his time here was cut short amidst City’s financial crash of the mid-90s but the signs were that he’d have taken on a thrilling journey if the money hadn’t run out. Brucie will always be revered in these parts. He scored a winner against 1p5wich in a League Cup semi-final. Say no more.

Will you be at our game and what will be the score?

Yep; I’ll be there. I dare not even contemplate a City defeat, so I’ll put that to one side for now. That just leaves a draw or a win. Well, a draw wouldn’t be the end of the road for both sides so expect it to be tentative, twitchy and probably a bit cautious. But (and this is my heart ruling my head) our recent win against Newcastle suggests to me that City can handle the big occasion, and therefore I’m going for City 2, Sunderland 1 in a real nail-biting bum-squeaker.

Gary Gowers on himself
Gary Gowers on himself

Gary Gowers on himself: Born and raised the wrong side of the Norfolk/Suffolk border, I’m part of a long line of Canary die-hards, and have been a Carrow Road regular since the age of six and a season-ticket holder since my injury-prone, amateur playing days ended. I’m editor of and am the Norwich City voice at the Metro.

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