Sunderland v Chelsea Guess the Score: the reckoning

17 (17) Newcastle United 36 8 9 19 39 64 -25 33
18 (18) Sunderland 35 7 11 17 40 58 -18 32
19 (19) Norwich City 35 8 7 20 35 61 -26 31
20 (20) Aston Villa 36 3 7 26 27 72 -45 16

Is this the most significant Guess the Score in the history of Salut! Sunderland running the competition? Yes, I hear some reply, but only since the last “most significant” one or until the next.

Think about it, though. As a result of our failure to pick up points when they have been there for the asking, we are now looking at a table that may well require us to take seven points from the remaining three games. I fully expect Aston Villa and Spurs to offer the flimsiest of resistance to Newcastle and that’s not even taking account of what Norwich might do with, like us, three games left.

The players have talked up our survival prospects. Now they have no option but to to puts words into deed.

So much could rest on Saturday’s game against Chelsea that it barely bears thinking about. Guess the Score all the same.

Jake: not desperation, just blind faith
Jake: ‘not just another Saturday’

And remember we have managed some great displays against them in the past (along with some stinkers and some games when we were simply outclassed). We need heroics.

Usual (recent) rules apply. A mug goes to the first reader to post a correct scoreline prediction but ONLY if it forecasts a Sunderland win. Chelsea fans are rich enough to buy their own, though even one of them would win the prize (suitably adapted from the SAFC design) provided the winning entry also meant a home win. Monsieur Salut’s decision shall be final – and the winner must have a UK delivery address.

Ha’way the Lads. And come back for not one, but two Chelsea “Who are You?” interviews,

The classic 'dressing room' mug. If a Villa fan wins the design will reflect their own allegiance
The classic ‘dressing room’ mug.Your name as No 12

21 thoughts on “Sunderland v Chelsea Guess the Score: the reckoning”

  1. Righto wrinkly one. We aren’t going to win 3 – 2. So this is the new deal. I’ll give you 2 quid (yes 2) for every goal we score for the remainder of the season. For every goal we concede I’ll give you a quid, with a minimum donation of a tenner. Let’s hope it’s lots of 2s and no 1s.

    • I grovel at your feet O Wrinkly One. Your vast knowledge is far in excess of mine. I make that a tenner for your prediction, a sixer for our goals and a paltry 2 for Chelsea’s miserable effort. So that’s 18 quid for both our charities, with 2 games to go. Enjoy your mug. GET INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

      • Just goes to show what faith and perseverance can achieve! I was so caught up in the win, “in the Gods” of the East stand that I forgot all about my prediction! No prizes for guessing my prediction for Everton on Wednesday?

  2. Norwich 0 Man Utd 2
    Villa 3 Mags 1
    Sun’lan 2 Chelski 2 we are out of the bottom 3

    Norwich 1 Watford 2
    Sun’lan 3 Everton 1 we are safe

    Everton 2 Norwich 0
    Mags 0 Spurs 2
    Watford 1 Sun’lan 3 – what were we ever worried about?

    Oh and I must thank the nurse who loosened the buckles on this nice white jacket they insist I wear!

  3. Borini to come good and seal a 1-0 victory ,fingers crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed , arms crossed.

  4. Balls. 270 minutes of the season left and I cannot shake off this feeling that the first 90 or so will end in gloom and push us closer to the trapdoor. I just cannot see any points being garnered on Saturday. However, I can only win t’cup if I predict a Sunderland victory. So it’s 3 – 1 to US.

  5. Chelsea were really up for it against Spurs. I hope that it has taken a bit from them. I am going for a hopeful 1-0 to SAFC.

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