Celebrate the life of Davey Dowell at the Stadium of Light

This image has appeared with the family's consent at Facebook. RIP Davey
This image has appeared with the family’s consent at Facebook. The photo published in the Sunderland Echo may help others recall Davey. RIP

Pete Sixsmith had some moving words to say about Davey Dowell, a faithful supporter of Sunderland AFC though Pete would also see him at Durham Country Cricket Club games, who is presumed to have died after disappearing on June 21.

From Tom Lynn, another great SAFC fan, the sort you meet home or away, comes this message:

A celebration of the life of the late, loyal SAFC supporter Davey Dowell, who was even more importantly a wonderful human being, will take place starting at the Black Cats Bar, Stadium of Light at 1pm on Saturday July 16th, 2016.

All those who knew this fanatical and friendly follower of our football club are invited to attend to show their love and respects.

Davey was a real character and will be very much missed by all who knew him. The venue for this celebration could not be more fitting.

Salut! Sunderland is honoured to be among those paying tribute to Davey.

This is what Sixer said at the end of a piece about Wales v Portugal.

“Some sad news. David Dowell, a Sunderland supporter of great renown, went missing from home two weeks ago and has not been seen since. Known to many as “Dabber” David was a permanent presence at Sunderland games and also at Durham CC. I last spoke to him after the 4-2 win at Swansea, where he was attempting to drink the Wetherspoons where we ended up, out of lager. He was a lovely lad and will be sadly missed.”

A footnote to the article quoted Martin Emmerson, Sunderland supporter and BBC Radio Newcastle presenter/cricket commentator:

“Davey Dowell was a lovely bloke. Always good for a chat about footy or cricket. He loved Durham and Sunderland. Last week he disappeared. Friends feared the worst and now this. The last time I had a chat with him I was telling him about the Durham commentaries. I used to see him at a few games. He never listened. He didn’t have a computer or a mobile. He just did his own thing.”

5 thoughts on “Celebrate the life of Davey Dowell at the Stadium of Light”

  1. Dabber Dowell was a smashing lad.

    I played cricket many times against him when he played for Boldon and I played with Whitburn. We were similar in our outlook and always had a good craic on and off the pitch.

    He got the nickname Dabber because of the little dab down to third man to get himself off the mark. He was a left hander, I was right but that shot was my trademark as well always good to get us of the mark.

    We were both passionate about our team as well as the cricket but although I have followed Sunderland for over sixty years I can’t ever match the commitment and miles covered by Dave.

    He nearly always travelled by train and many is the time I have asked if he wanted a lift home only to be told no thanks I’ve got my ticket or I’m staying overnight.

    When the new season starts I will be thinking of Dabber Dowell with a tear in my eye and remembering what a good lad he was. Three points at Manchester City would be a great tribute to him.

  2. I thought I had the most Bohemian of B&Bs in Athlone- no chance of another football fan turning up.
    Guess who shared the breakfast table with me? Davey.
    “alreet marra? I asked
    “shouldn’t grumble, but I will”

  3. Thanks Dougal. I stand corrected. I met him in Seville years ago and he furnished me with all the county scores. Goodness knows where he got them from. He will be sadly missed.

  4. Just a couple of things on the above – if ‘Didge’ / ‘Dabber’ was drinking he’d have been on cider. Can’t remember him ever drinking lager. And while he never had a mobile until very recently, he always had his radio with him at matches with one ear phone in his ear and the other dangling loose. He always kept in touch with the cricket, which always came second to his beloved SAFC.

    A true gentleman, he would always try to help anyone in need and go that extra mile for you. Already missed, but it will be a lot worse when we start the season and he won’t be there. Saturday 16th will be very emotional, and just the start of many opportunities to pay our respects to the legend that was Davey Dowell. RIP

    • That’s a terrific tribute, Dougal. I’ll have to leave Sixer to reflect on what you say about his tipple of choice. I suspect you are right and Pete just confused two unfamiliar (to him) drinks! As for the cricket, maybe he was winding Martin up by saying he never listened

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