What to call David Moyes’s post-match emails. He can enter, too

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We may be humouring ourselves
in describing the post-match missives of Sunderland’s successive managers as being all their own work. It is much more likely that the press office team works on the seeds planted by the incumbent in any immediate press conference or TV interview.

But the views expressed remain, essentially, those of the manager concerned – unless you hear of a position suddenly becoming available in the press office.

We’ve had some decent past choices (along with some frankly indecent alternatives suggested by fans during our many crises, or by supporters of other clubs straying into these pages).

As we put it recently:

We’ve had Bruce’s Banter (happily no need to drag it out again for a second stint), Martin’s Musings, Le Parole di Paolo, Pure Poyetry and the wonderful Advochaat and SA’s Essays.

Come up with some equivalent magic … there may even be a Salut! Sunderland prize mug in it for you.

Several possibilities have been thrown into the ring. Let’s have a poll. The Salut! Sunderland team must reserve the right to overrule the popular choice if it thinks of something better or indeed, the winner is inappropriate for some reason. David Moyes may pitch in, and any idea of his would carry a fair bit of weight.

Have a go – and remember there is an option to add a title no one else has yet come up with. I am not including Moyes’s Musings (or Moyes’ Musings) because it needs to be different from the title we used for Martin O’Neill’s post-match thoughts. And while Eric’s tongue-in-cheek offering, “Hey you, Jimmy …”, is there for amusement value, let it be known this will NOT be chosen however big its share of the vote …

Jake says "the first fist pump of many we hope"
Jake says “the first fist pump of many we hope”

Colin Randall

15 thoughts on “What to call David Moyes’s post-match emails. He can enter, too”

  1. ok, here we go:

    Moyeses Noises
    Moyes Noise
    Moyeses Meditations
    Daves Diary
    Daves Deliberations
    Daves Diatribe
    Moyeses Match
    Davies Take
    Moyes or Less
    Davies Day

  2. “Other” titles would appear to be running neck and neck with Moyes on the Boys. It’s a shame the suggestions don’t show on the page. In fact, it is just one vote apiece – as would be expected since other readers don’t see it – for

    Moysie’s Mumblings 1
    “M”s review 1
    David’s Deliberations 1
    Moyes’s Off 1
    David’s emoyles 1
    Moyseys musings 1
    Moyes’ Message 1
    The Musings of Moyse 1
    Moyes’s musings 1
    The Journal of Moyes 1
    Thoughts of Chairman Moyes 1
    Moyes Moans 1
    Daves dissertation

    • As my perfectly valid entry “Hey you etc”, has been unilaterally discarded how’s about David’s Deliverance?

  3. Can someone tell News Now we aren’t interested in Allardyce anymore. He thanked the Sunderland supporters. Now it’s time to move on.

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