Southampton ‘Guess the score’. No mugs here

Jake: 'the doubt has currently been removed - defo no prize'
Jake: ‘the doubt has currently been removed – defo no prize’

John McCormick writes: We make the long trip to Southampton aiming to put a stop to the poor start to the season. And what team will we have out to do it? Kone, do you think, alongside new signing Javier Manquillo? Or perhaps Borini returning to feed and support Defoe?

Whatever the final eleven, it’s clear we need to improve in all areas if we are to avoid the relegation struggle our manager recently mentioned. Will we show improvement at Southampton? If so, will there be enough to bring home a point or even three? I think there might.

But I’m an optimist, a “glass half full” kind of bloke and I’m going for a 1-2 win. It doesn’t matter what score I predict, however, as I’m not eligible for a mug, so you can have that score if you get in first.

Not this time. just do it for the glory
Not this time. just do it for the glory

And it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong and we win 1-3 or even 0-1 because you’re not eligible for a mug either, at least not with┬áthis game. Colin’s hoping to offer one shortly, under conditions he might explain nearer the date, but for now you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with the knowledge that you got it right.

Saints fans are welcome to enter too, and if one of them predicts the correct score they too will find themselves mugless, but they will be able to bask in the glow of a mention on one of the world’s best websites (or, failing that, this one). Posts may be held for moderation but rest assured, we’ll know when you sent it.

Over to you? Who will score the winner?

Fame awaits, get predicting

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