The Devil’s Advocate: the unbridled joy that lies ahead for Sunderland fans

Rob as seen by Jake
Rob as seen by Jake

Rob Hutchison – find him at Twitter on best known around here for his one-word ratings, always welcome and always arriving just as Monsieur Salut is about to go out, obliging little white lies to Mme Salut to cover the delay. He now launches an occasional new column, the idea for which appeared as a light bulb above his head as he returned from the opening game at City. He aims it to be weekly – I think occasional is more likely! – and also to devote it to the counter view to the norm on all things Mackem. Over to Jake to come up with a magical image …

Hello campers! Here we go with another season of unbridled joy, my glass was positively overflowing with excitement as the season kicked off.

David Moyes started his season off by playing an absolute masterstroke, slotting John O’Shea into our central midfield berth.

O’Shea rarely strayed from his holding slot in front of the back four as it completely stifled Man City in the final third and very rarely did they get in behind us. The slot suited him, as marauding runs forward were not the order of the day and it freed on Kabs & Kone to come forward at dead ball situations. A real touch of creative genius and I’m sure it will be utilised more often this season. Can’t believe no previous manager has thought of this before, hey ho.

The other gossip is, of course, the Kone situation. He needs to be offered a new deal without fail. He’s by far our best player and it sends out a strong message that we back our top men and reward them for their outstanding performances. Not sure what all the fuss has been about really. Agents will be agents in the 21st century we all know that. It is what it is so play the game, make him captain and give him the money.

9 thoughts on “The Devil’s Advocate: the unbridled joy that lies ahead for Sunderland fans”

  1. Who the hell is running this club,we lose both centre halves both being good players,but one goes for 18million and the other for 3 or 4 million,the guy from Swansea went for 11 milion i think and he isnt as good as Kaboul….Stones cost 50 million,,so kone is as good or even better than Stones,so why only 18 million,if clubs want them, make them pay what we want for them?This club is giving me a grion strain????

  2. No Kaboul, Kone or M’Vila so 60% of the backbone of the side we hoped would be the launchpad for a rise through the ranks is no longer available to the new manager. 80% if Kirchhoff is still on the treatment table.

    Already on the bit of Total Sport I heard the talk is of surviving until January then hoping to bring in some more players in the new year.

    I can’t imagine how David Moyes is feeling just now but I’m not inspired by the fact that our incomings are almost all his old boys. No criticism of them – I’ll wait and see what sort of job they can do but we’ll need to play well and win on Sunday if I’m not to spend the season in a state of depression in the bedroom contemplating a haliborange overdose.

    if that last bit makes no sense to you.

  3. And now Kone has turned down the new contract, and turned up with a bad back and can’t play on Sunday – impossible to prove, as many benefit cheats know.

    My mam is over 80, and she saw the true legends…..she says “prat” is too kind a word for him.

    I was trying to be diplomatic….. so well done Kone for losing the admiration and love of a lass who has watched the club for 70 years.

    You clueless wanker

  4. Ive given up on whats going on at this club,i’ll just watch as ive done for years,go to the match have a few pints and read the echo on a Monday morning

  5. Now reports in that Kone is injured and won’t be playing on Sunday? How genuine is that I wonder or is there something fundamentally wrong at this club?

  6. The footballing gods are doing their best to kick us in the nuts at every turn aren’t they? Kaboul’s “personal reasons” could be anything from a serous family problem all the way down to he doesn’t like living and working up North, maybe we’ll never know. Galling though to think that a club like Watford can take one of the players that made us look so solid towards the end of last season.
    The word “optimism” Malcolm, in the case of Sunderland, should always be preceded by the word “misplaced”.

  7. The news that Kaboul is going to be allowed to leave is a massive blow but reading between the lines it is not for footballing reasons. Looks like the club have handled this well but from the end of last season when it looked like we had a decent settled side we are having to start again. I should know better than to have any optimism where Sunderland is concerned.

  8. O’Shea did the holding job well but he doesn’t have the eye for a pass that Kirchhoff has, nor the ability to provide as many quality balls as the German – but needs must.

    Just heard him on the radio saying he’ll do whatever job he’s asked to do but doesn’t see it as his long term position.

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