Moyes on the boys v Everton: “…I’m most disappointed with….”

Jake flags our new columnist
Jake flags our new columnist

John McCormick writes: I hate Monday games. I always have. I never expect us to do well in any televised game but I have the worst forebodings on Mondays. So it came as no surprise to me that we got nothing today.

But the nature of that nothing – that wasn’t something I expected. I gather that it also came as a shock to our new manager judging by the letter he sent to M Salut (and perhaps a couple of others) immediately after the game:

evertonhomeftDear Colin

I thought we did well in the first half; we looked as likely as Everton to get a goal in that opening period.

Come the second half Everton were in the game a lot more and we made some basic defending errors and they cost us.

We didn’t stop crosses, we weren’t in the right positions to defend and they should be simple things to do that we didn’t do well enough.

We’ve got a lot of youngsters in the side and one or two new faces; while they were culpable of some of the mistakes, a few of our more experienced players were at fault too. As a back four we did not do the basic things needed to stop a team when they’re attacking.

We need a team to give us a way to go forward, we’re still trying to find a way of playing that suits all of the players and we’re also waiting for players to come back from injury.

[Jan] Kirchhoff played for the first time today and it was good to have him back after a while out. We lost Steven Pienaar during the week with a hamstring injury, which was disappointing as he’s done well and we need players like him who keep the ball.

Overall tonight I’m most disappointed with our defending in the second half.

Thanks for your support,

David Moyes

8 thoughts on “Moyes on the boys v Everton: “…I’m most disappointed with….””

  1. Fair summary from the manager IMO. I was reasonably happy at halftime.

    Second half started badly, and then got worse .Lukaku was given the freedom of the park.

    Everton have a very solid look about them, and will be a threat to anyone this season, but you cannot excuse the poor marking, and the space they were given.

    I feel the Moyes must target a top striker for January, if not two. An injury to Defoe would be terminal at present.

    On the positive side, I believe Moyes is a great coach, and we have some decent young players. He will need to find a playing style to get the best from them, as Sam did. Tough days ahead.

  2. Not exactly the same personnel but a 6 goal turn around? Keeper injured replacement equal. Kaboul gone Papy lacks experience Yedlin down the road replacement we must believe is superior. Catts M’Vila Borini missed, replacements adequate Januzjia suspect, Gooch one for the future Watmore still not convinced. Rodwell invisible.. Manager not yet with a clear vision, time to get one and soon.

    • I agree about Rodwell, I’ve tried, really tried to see his value to the team but I still can’t see it. Some were saying he’s looked a bit better in the first few games, I couldn’t see that either. I know why i can’t see it, it’s because you’re right Keith, he’s invisible.

  3. Everton are a completely different team to that faced last season, and we are still missing key members of the team that won the game. It’s far too simplistic to make that comparison. We were poor second half, no doubt, but Moyes summation is fairly accurate. I’m more concerned by the ‘still trying to find a way to play.’ comment, although Allerdyce went through a similar process. Rough times ahead.

    • Not only is Everton a different team but we are too. Kirchhoff, van Aanholt, Kone and Defoe, the only ones who started both games.

      For 60 minutes there wasn’t a lot in it, then we fell apart. There is too much reliance on JD to get the goals, Watmore isn’t as effective as many thought he would be. Both fullbacks took knocks which might just have slowed them down a bit, but in truth we were poor for the last half hour. It’s going to be another long season.

  4. Sorry Mr Moyes. we were poor, Everton were blown away in May, by commitment, energy, amazing togetherness, oganisation and superior tactics all missing today. If enough people keep telling you you’re poor you stary believing it. Get orgsnised and get positive you inherited s good squad start being positive


      It is always possible no one had ever heard of him because clearly he was not considered a threat as there was no one with him for any of his goals, not just the first.

      They were all well taken with him having acres of space in which to execute them.

      After a relatively good performance in the first half one can only wonder what instructions Moyes gave our lads at half time.#]#I sat with a Blackburn supporter and it was his pity that hurt the most.

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