Sunderland v Everton Guess the Score. 2,000 Twitter followers so two mugs, not one

Jake says: 'have a go'
Jake says: ‘have a go’

Monsieur Salut invites entries for a prize edition of Guess the Score – and announces another little award, to a Sunderland-supporting television presenter …

Mug is one of those words that can jump up and bite you on the backside. So let it be said straight away that it is no part of Salut! Sunderland‘s mission to suggest that supporting SAFC, or following us at Twitter, makes you a bit of a mug. But we do have two beautifully designed receptacles of hot or cold drinks to give away.

No new sponsor has magically shown up but we are digging deep into our pockets and offering not only a prize mug to the reader who is first to post the correct score in Monday’s game but a special commemorative mug to mark our 2000th follower at Twitter.

The rules for Guess the Score are unchanged. Be first, whoever you support, and be able to supply a UK delivery address in case you win. An Everton-supporting winner would receive a mug with a suitably altered design (but we would resist any temptation to have the handle placed inside)…

In the classic Sunderland version, it looks like this (with a name of the winner’s choice as No 12) …

The winner gets glory - and a prize
The winner gets glory – and a prize

And Twitter? In its efforts to keep up with the times, Salut! Sunderland plugs its offerings on social media. Barack Oboma has 77m followers on Twitter and 64m people have ticked “like” on Beyonce’s Facebook page. Out advances are more modest, 680 members of the Salut! Sunderland Facebook group and, as of a few days ago, a 2,000th Twitter follower. He is Leslie Langley, a Darlo-based supporter who is an actor, model and co-presenter of The North East Football Show, which declares itself to be “on air every Fri 7.30pm Sky ch 117 Freeview 7 Virgin 159”.

* Voting has begun in The Football Blogging Awards. Salut! Sunderland will not get even close to winning but we have been invited to enter. If you feel like casting a vote in our favour, the obvious category is Best Football Club Blog and you can support us at

Les will receive a similar mug. But both will be ordered after my own return from holiday (one week starting Sunday) – in the case of Guess the Score, the prize will carry forward to the Spurs game if there is no correct prediction for SAFC v Everton.

Come back tomorrow for a smashing edition of “Who are You?”
with Lydia Bleasdale-Hill, a Goodison season ticket holder, cheese-lover and associate professor in law, currently seconded to a Leeds University research project on “student resilience and wellbeing”.

Jake: 'get that win'
Jake: ‘get that win’


Salut! Sundeerland:
Kevin Kilbane, Paul Bracewell, Gavin McCann, Don Hutchison, Louis Saha and others have played for both clubs and Peter Reid, our most successful manager in decades, was a star for you. Special thoughts on any of them (or others overlooked in my list)?

Lydia: I’m probably the only person around who loves Kilbane’s rendition of Ice Ice Baby. He was a solid player for us.

Ha’way the Lads.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

27 thoughts on “Sunderland v Everton Guess the Score. 2,000 Twitter followers so two mugs, not one”

  1. On Monday morning at 0730 I go off to Pernera, Cyprus for 3 weeks of sun, sea and *** (the sun and the sea are guaranteed, the *** is very doubtful). I shall be in the pub by 10PM local willing Defoe and co to claim 3 points to get my hols off to a great start. HA’WAY THE LADS

  2. 3-3 draw. let Eric have the mug as I haven’t thrown my “wrinkly pete” one against the wall after a Mackem disappointment – YET!

  3. I will go for 1-3 for Everton.
    Even as an Everton supporter I have your site as one of my favorites, I think your site is one of the most well balanced and sometimes funniest (use r poo replies) football sites around and have been reading it for a couple of years now.

  4. Who won v Saints A? Oh, I did! I remember not clearing a space in the cupboard in anticipation of my non-mug not being delivered by the postman. It is currently not gathering dust in the kitchen and to date I have drunk exactly zero cups of tea out of it. Oh well! 1 – 1 is my prediction, the same as my non-mug winning effort against Southampton.

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