Moyes on the Boys: praise for persistence against West Brom

Malcolm Dawson writes….I have literally just got back from the ground. For some reason the traffic was a nightmare in town tonight and I hadn’t even hit the A19 by 10 past 6. Still it gave me time to reflect on the game but I chose not to, listening instead to the Northern League results and the Ryder Cup foursomes. I don’t even like golf that much but there was little in the game to get me excited in the immediate aftermath and I haven’t got my thoughts together yet. David Moyes hasn’t got the luxury of reflective time and has to give his verdict on today’s proceedings shortly after the match. Knowing M Salut was off out for moules, frites and vin rouge he winged his e-mail promptly through the ether and here it is. I might even get to read it in a minute!

Jake flags our new columnist
Jake flags our new columnist

Dear Colin,

I’d have liked to have got that second goal and won it 2-1, but I don’t think we deserved to be 1-0 down as we played well enough in the first half.

We had a great chance from a great move early on.

I’m pleased we’ve come back to get a point and it’s a start, but I’m still disappointed we didn’t get all three.

The energy and commitment was great. The endeavour was fantastic, though we are lacking bits of quality.

We had to change the system and see if we could find another way of getting a goal, and thankfully Pat came on and got one for us.

In the second half we had another chance for Jermain and it was a great block. We need those chances to go for us at the moment, though Jermain scores most of the time I have to say.

We need to score any way we can and find a way of winning. We didn’t find that, but we did find a way of being in the game and hard to beat.

wbahomeftWe defended much better today than we have in some other games, so that’s a positive.

A point gives us something to build on. It wasn’t a point we were after, but I would have taken it at 1-0 down with 75 minutes played.

I’ve got to say well done to the players for sticking at it. They kept going and never gave in to get us something out of the game.

Thanks for your support,

David Moyes

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  1. Sunderland illuminations, Malcolm. Maybe they could throw some light on why our club is so consistently poor.

    • Of course I forgot. That and buses blocking the exits on roundabouts near the Wearmouth Bridge when the lights change.

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