Southampton v SAFC Guess the Score: we’d rather beat Arsenal but …

Guess the Score
Guess the Score

Would you settle for a Sunderland defeat at Southampton on Wednesday, ending our interest in the EFL Cup, and a home win on Saturday? Me too, if your answer was yes.

Of course, wins in both games would be even better. But whereas beating the Saints would be nice enough, and stir dreams of a return to Wembley at the end of February, we are desperate for another kind of victory: the sort that brings three points and gives us hope that all may not after all be lost.

Some Sunderland supporters may already be resigned to relegation and want the consolation of a cup run. Others will recall the season in which we did reach the final and still managed to stay up – can we achieve that sort of double again, and maybe even lift the trophy?

The winner gets glory - and a prize
The winner gets glory – and a prize

No one correctly guessed 1-0 to West Ham so the prize mug is still up for grabs. All can enter and a Saints winner would receive one with an appropriate design. You must have a UK delivery address and Monsieur Salut’s decision is, as ever, final.

Have a go and Ha’way the Lads.

And come back later today for the Saints “Who are You?” [UPDAT: it is now live at] . Aidan Small, owner of the Fresh Saints fan site, is chuffed with the way things are going for Southampton but convinced we’re for the drop.

Sample …

Salut! Sunderland: In an utterly dismal season for Sunderland so far, we weren’t too bad at your place. But do you suspect our time is finally up?

Aidan: Sadly, I think it is. If you’d managed to keep hold of Sam Allardyce then I’m sure that you would have been safe from relegation with good time this season, but under Moyes, you seem to be lacking an identity and any sort of mental strength.

Over to Moyes and the Lads to prove him wrong,

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M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

9 thoughts on “Southampton v SAFC Guess the Score: we’d rather beat Arsenal but …”

  1. A 97th minute winner, a scuffed shot goes off the post and in after it hits the ref.

    The linesman, sorry, assistant referee, flags for offside but is overruled by the fact we are SAFC, and law 97 para 2 states:

    F*** em.

    Our keeper is red carded for handling inside the box.

    We lose on penalties 15-1.

    They gave us extra penalties out if pity.

  2. I’ll be there to watch the goals flying in after bravely rising from my sick bed (man flu I’m afraid). 2 – 2 after 90 mins, same score after ET, then a memorable victory after pens, say 4 – 2. Oh, and we’ll get beaten on Saturday.

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