Moyes on the Boys v Hull: Happy Anniversary, Colin

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After the game our manager appeared to take some time in sending his post-match letter to M Salut (and maybe one or two others). But knowing our leader is ensconced deep in the heart of Europe (where Mme Salut may hopefully let him look at the results and where he will surely have received M Sixsmith’s texts) Mr Moyes also sent a copy to me to make up for the delay.

What did the letter contain? Well, it wasn’t marked confidential so you can read it for yourself. Here it is:

Sunderland 3 Hull City 0

Dear Colin,

It’s good to be using the word ‘another’ as we’ve got another win today, let’s hope we’re using it more often. We need to get another win on the board just as quickly.

I’m delighted with the result today; back-to-back wins is something for us to build on and help us grow in confidence.

Both strikers were on the scoresheet, we got a clean sheet; it’s been a good day, and I hope it helps you enjoy the evening with Mme Salut. Victor [Anichebe] deserves praise for his two goals and it was great to see Jermain [Defoe] get his 150th Premier League goal. You have to admire the fact he’s been able to score that many goals. He’s done really well throughout his career.

[Jordan] Pickford has made some of the finest saves for us in the last few games and he’s been tremendous for us, we really needed him today, we did a lot of defending and he was great.

It was a performance fit for a King; Charlie Hurley was in attendance and we have to be playing as well as his team did back in the day you became a husband (and in that respect please give my regards to Mme Salut) and we can hope to be as successful as his team. We’ve made a start, but it’s only a start, we have to go away and build on that now.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy the evening


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