Moyes on the Boys post Man Utd: both resilient and suicidal

Moyes On The Boys

David Moyes didn’t have a happy return to Old Trafford as he watched us twice give away possession and then concede. You can find what he thinks of this by sneaking a peek at the carefully crafted letter he wrote to M Salut, and maybe one or two others, immediately after the game:

Dear Colin,

I don’t believe we deserved to lose 3-1 today, but we’re at fault as we gave away two outrageous goals.

There were a couple of passes and bad decisions in the last 10 minutes of the game that made the result worse for us.

We did very well up until then, yes we were a goal behind, but we stuck at it and we were having a go.

To concede the way we did was awful and then it was suicidal the way that they got their third and the game was beyond us at that point.

Away from home we’ve not been playing that badly, with the exception of Swansea, and I thought we played well again today.

We were playing a strong Manchester United side and we showed resilience and stuck at the task in hand.

It’s just frustrating the mistakes that we did make and how we didn’t take any of our chances when we had them.”


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  1. According to radio reports, we did pretty well – until the last 10 minutes!
    Most pundits judged their third goal offside.
    I did not expect much here, but heartened with a decent performance.
    We have to target our winnable games, and make the SOL a fortress.

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