Swansea City v SAFC Guess the Score: the heat’s on, temperature reduced

Jake: 'four out of five? or is that asking too much?'
Jake: is ‘four out of five’ asking too much?’

Roll up for another prize (see below) Guess the Score, Swansea City versus Sunderland …

Had we lost at Bournemouth, drawn against Hull and failed to beat Leicester, the visit to Swansea would have had “must win” written all over it.

But we didn’t. We won all three and there was even a smidgeon of honour in defeat at Anfield.

Three wins out of four has Sunderland up to third bottom. Swansea away, accordingly, is not so much “must win” as “wouldn’t it be grand if we did, especially with them being in last place?”.

But then we remember it’s Chelsea up next, albeit at home, and we absolutely must not go into that game desperate for a point or three.

That said, the season looks a whole lot different already. I said at ESPN the other week: “The final weeks of 2016 will then play a hugely significant part in determining the Wearsiders’ fate.”

The article in question was my preview to the Bournemouth game. I was downbeat about our prospects. I wasn’t even upbeat about Hull at home and always expected to struggle against Leicester.

Never has humble pie tasted better, and I didn’t even need a pepper sauce (the dish does exist and its origins are savoury not sweet) to make it do so.

So Lads and – and are you listening Joan, Hayley, Hilary and Pam, not to mention silent others? – Lasses, Guess the Score.

There is the same prize this week, a choice between the superb Art of Football prints, won twice by our Mexican Mackem exile Phil Davison and once by multiple winner Eric Bowers.

And yes, Swans, you can enter too – and Art of Football will come up with something you’d sooner possess than prints acclaiming Jermain Defoe, Kevin Phillips or the Team of 1973.

See these (above) and other Art of Football prints by clicking anywhere on this caption

20 thoughts on “Swansea City v SAFC Guess the Score: the heat’s on, temperature reduced”

  1. Request to all: please remember the basic rule that you must be first with a particular scoreline to qualify for the prize if the result is as you predict.

  2. Not relevant to this but it’s now official that M’Vila is not coming back despite an agreement being signed months ago. We could have had him for less than N’dong.

    I can understand the club not wishing to be held to ransom but like Marcos Alonso we’ve missed out on a proven player.

  3. I agree with Gerry and think 3-1 to us, but as this week saw the 108th anniversary of that famous away victory against the mags; I’ve got to go for 9-1 to the lads!!!!!!

    I’m still thawing out after the checkatrade game at Wolves on Monday…..Beadling’s goal was excellent and we could have been ahead at half-time, but we really did look second-best in the second half and Wolves deserved it.

    I’m very disappointed Watmore is out for the season as he’s improved recently, we need Borini back asap in my opinion.

  4. With Watmore joining McNair, Cattermole, Rodwell and Gooch on the treatment table, it’s time for Khazri or Januzaj to prove their worth. Thank goodness Kirchhoff and Larsson are back in contention for a starting spot. The side looks much more balanced with Big Victor fit and starting. 2-0 to us.

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