Moyes on the Boys after FA Cup boredraw: deserved praise for Rodwell

Jake: ‘not much to write home about, boss’

Monsieur Salut writes: now that we’ve done away with the nonsenses of ‘Dear Colin’ at the beginning and ‘All the best’ at the end, e-mails from the manager have an impersonal and sometimes perfunctory look. But what else could David Moyes say about the drab affair that was Sunderland 0-0 Burnley, the outcome probably the worst of three options? I’ might have liked a fuller explanation of his thinking, when throwing on a defender for a midfielder as his only (very late) substitution, but there we go. I share his satisfaction at Jack Rodwell’s improved form (my man-of-the-match too) but this was another game best forgotten …

“It was a disappointing game all round. I thought we played some good football at times in the first half but we dropped off in the second half.

Whether that was a follow on from the game earlier in the week against Liverpool, I’m not sure, but we didn’t really get up to speed today.

The game was always going to be like that, the game at Burnley the other week was just like that, except we conceded goals.

Jake: ‘zzzz…zzzzz….’

We’ll take a positive that we didn’t concede any goals today and we got a clean sheet.

I thought we passed the ball well, but from that play we didn’t create any clear-cut chances, I think we missed Victor [Anichebe], we needed a target man who would hold the ball up for us.

I thought Jack [Rodwell] did really well, it’s more minutes for him and I was happy with his performance. He’s started to show us the type of player he can be.

We were at home today and we wanted to win, the replay comes in the middle of two important games for us, but so be it, things happen for a reason, you never know what’s best. We go again and let’s hope we can get to the next round.”

2 thoughts on “Moyes on the Boys after FA Cup boredraw: deserved praise for Rodwell”

  1. I bet Moyes would have preferred lower league opposition. If he had started with 4 or 5 Under 23s yesterday and lost he would have been criticised. As it is he is criticised for not playing any, other than Donald Love and Januzaj who are part of the first team squad anyway. But I agree. There must surely be some who are worth a run out – otherwise why bother with an Under 23 side. Mind you I went to see them lose to Everton today and no-one stood out. Even Osoro was kept quiet by the Toffee’s defence. Decent game though.

  2. It’s the worst result of the 3, given our plight.

    Replay away at Burnley in between the Stoke and West Brom games, is a nightmare.

    Hopefully we’ll have bodies back in Anichobe, Jones and Pienaar.

    The result of the Stoke game next week will largely dictate the team selection against Burnley.

    On another matter, if i was an under 21 midfielder on Sunderlands books, I’d be looking for another club.

    It’s nothing short of disgraceful for at least 2 of them not to be given at least 15 minutes today.

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