Safe bets: a guide to sensible flutters on sport


Jake: ‘what constitutes a safe bet on Sunderland?’


Salut! Sunderland readers have become accustomed to occasional links to betting sites. It is naturally up to each individual to decide whether these are useful, because some people do like the odd flutter (even Monsieur Salut has been known to place bets on first scorer), or of no interest at all. For those in the former category, here are some thoughts from Katie Johnson, who represents one such betting outlet, on how to improve your chances of making responsible betting pay …

How to Win at Sports Gambling

To most people, sports betting means having fun or passing the time.

However, to some betting is a way of generating more income. Lots of people think that to win at gambling you just need to be lucky, but that is not always the case. You should bet smart and put time and effort into it to get the rewards.

There are various methods you can adopt to win at sports betting. Some of these ways include:

  • Know your game in and out

You have to know the sport you are willing to gamble with your money. Do extensive research on the team members, previous games and how often they win. Look at the probabilities and compare them with the odds being offered. The good thing is that the internet has all the statistics of all games and you must analyse that data and choose the best game.

  • Avoid betting with your feelings but rather bet with realistic statistics

Since you are looking to win a game, look at the odds of the game and avoid choosing a sport just because it is your favourite team. The fact that your favourite team is playing doesn’t mean you must bet on it. You are not trying to support the team by betting. You are putting your money on the line, so be careful.

  • Don’t be afraid to bet on less popular sports

Most people are afraid of betting for underdogs. This is because they are not well known. However, if a game has good odds you should take the risk. In most cases, they always win. Furthermore, the higher the risk the higher the return. Try taking a look at available sports betting at redbet and see if there’s a new sport or team you can take your chances on.

  • Have betting discipline or create a schedule

It is not a must for you to bet every day or every week. To some people, betting is an everyday thing and this is where they go wrong. Give yourself time to study the games and choose one that you are confident with.

  • Stop chasing bets

This is a mistake that most people make when gambling. When they win a bet, they get so excited and in return bet all the money they got without even analysing the games. This is dangerous since you can easily lose all of it. This is the same with people who lose their bets. They spend so much time placing bets in attempt to recover the money and they end up losing even more as a result. Betting calls for discipline and knowing that you can either win or lose.

  • Learn how to evaluate expected values of a game

Whenever you place your money, make sure to get a return from it. This is the same case with betting. Every bet has an expected value be it neutral, positive, or negative. Most people have no idea how to calculate expected values yet this is the best way of winning sports betting. Always choose a bet that will give you a positive expected value.

  • Take time to research markets

Make sure you select the less obvious markets. Find a market that gives you better values. Most books will give you ways of losing other than winning but if you take time to research well enough you will get a market with good prices.

Remember, betting requires hardworking people and not lazy people who just sit down and expect to win.

  • Try reading sports betting books

There are books written just to help you win a sports bet. Find time and read these books. Some of these books include Sharp Sports Betting and Weighing the Odds in betting. These books will help you know all the tricks of betting and also help you learn how to calculate expected values.

  • Ignore experts or people who seem to know everything about betting

If you’re betting, you should know all of the facts. There are people who always seem to know which game is going to win. Keep in mind that they are also coming to the conclusions by guessing or just a gut feeling. Learn to follow your head and your research. Just because a person known to be an expert in a game is betting on a certain result, doesn’t mean it will win.


  • Consider Matched Betting
Based on backing and laying to generate free bets without losing your initial stake, Matched Betting is a tried and tested method of beating the bookie. The easiest way to get involved is with a matched betting service provider. You can read this matched betting service review for more information.


Follow these tips and you will give yourself more chance of winning your game. Play smart, don’t be too greedy and make sure you discipline yourself with how much you’re playing.

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  1. I think the last time I bet was when I got my dad to put a tanner on Anglo to win the Grand National for me and it came in at 50 to 1 winning me £2 10 shillings.

    I remember when I was a kid in the shows at Seaton Carew, there was a game where 6 metal horses would “race” and you could bet a penny on odds from Evens to 10 to 1. After about 5 minutes watching I could remember the sequence. We won a fortune or at least enough for a couple of goes on the dodgems and a bag of chips.

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