Moyes on the Boys after Middlesbrough: another slap in the face for the manager

Moyes on the boys

Malcolm Dawson writes….Pete Sixsmith is the most resilient of the Salut! Sunderland regulars. While M Salut was tied up entertaining long distance relatives, John McCormick was fighting his own relegation battle in the Merseyside Chess League or whatever and I was occupied in my post retirement part time career opportunity in Lytham St Annes, Pete was at the Riverside suffering ……again! His seven word summation suggests that he and our manager differ in their opinions as to how tonight’s match went if this post match e-mail is anything to go by…

Dear Colin,

I’m disappointed that we didn’t get a win because we needed one tonight. I have told the players that if we had played like that for the majority of games this season then we would’ve given ourselves a better chance of winning more.

I thought tonight we passed it well and we kept it when we had it. We had control of the game which is something we have lacked in other games this season. We tried to mix it up and we went long to Victor (Anichebe) at times and we did a lot of good things but not the things that really matter.

We didn’t score at their end and we didn’t defend as well as we could’ve done when they had their two chances. Jordan (Pickford) made a good save for us but ultimately it was up to us to make chances and score goals.

We did some good things and we got into some good areas.

We threatened tonight but the threatening didn’t come to anything and nothing really dropped in the right positions for us.

David Moyes


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8 thoughts on “Moyes on the Boys after Middlesbrough: another slap in the face for the manager”

  1. As a Boro fan, I must say last night was as poor a performance for Boro as it was for Sunderland. Sunderland took the initiative for the majority of the game and spent more time in our half than we did in yours. I was impressed with Anichebe, though couldn’t understand why he didn’t play up the middle to support Defoe, who was very isolated. Pickford made an excellent save when Downing should have scored, but apart from the goal I don’t think we threatened Pickford as much as Guzon was under pressure. I have never seen Negredo dominated by anyone as much as O’Shea did. particularly in the air. Gestede won more headers in 5 minutes than Negredo all game.

    Two poor teams on display, who can be forgiven for making so many mistakes as this win was really all both teams had to play for. I can’t see either of us gaining another victory this season.

    Then what happens next year? Sunderland have a major overhaul to contemplate . Boro have several saleable assets, such as Gibson, De Roon, Traore, Valdes. Sunderland will only get money for Defoe, in my opinion.

    Boro have a basis for a Championship side-the main decision is about a permanent manager.

    I have always liked Moyes, at Preston and Everton, and think he drew a short straw taking on Sunderland when he did. Moyes takes time to build a side, but I am not sure that can happen in this climate of ‘must win’. I feel for Sunderland (I was at Wembley in 1973 shouting them to beat Leeds) and I feel hard times are ahead unless there is some serious investment. Boro will find it hard to come straight back up, as very few teams do that, but they may be able to at least challenge.

    All in all, depressing times for the North East. On the bright side, at least both our Chief Executives are walking free !

  2. What game was David watching, certainly not the one I watched.

    We were awful, clueless, second best for long periods and squandered possession regularly.

    Davy boy needs a very strong reality check because if this is truly what he thought the game was like tonight we are heading for Championship obscurity for decades.

    The only good news is the Championship is not televised as extensively as the EPL so at least we won’t have to waste as much time watching this phish for the upcoming seasons!

    • But there will be 8 more games to endure and we won’t be doing a Mags next year. More like a Villa.

      • Afraid so, with or without Moyes we will not be rebounding straight back.

        There is a very large overhaul needed at the Club which will continue in crisis until Short is replaced, a decision about Moyes’s and his backroom staffs ability to start from scratch, or not, is made, a major clear out for the playing staff etc etc

        God it hurts just thinking about it!

  3. Worst manager we have had ever. Full of negativity. No future with Moyes in charge. My friend is an Evertonian. As soon as he was appointed he told me ‘Tough luck with that one’. Allardyce would have had the same set up and resources in the top half.

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