Things for fans to do until Sunderland’s football season starts in August

… through the Championship, we’re on our way?

After a season like that, it may seem a stretch of even the most fevered imagination to suppose Sunderland supporters are currently feeling at a loose end without football. But there are fans and fans; I wouldn’t be surprised if some of ours already cannot wait for the delights of Burton, Barnsley and Brentford …and someone has come up with some suggestions for how to kill time until those mighty football occasions come round. They range from the blindingly obvious to, well, you decide …

When you are a diehard fan, the idea of going without football until August can seem a little daunting. How are you going to fill your weekends? What are you going to talk about down the pub? How will you cope without your beloved Sunderland?

Well, there is plenty you can do to keep you occupied. Ladbrokes have put together some great ideas on how you can spend the offseason.

Keep an Eye on Transfer News

Since the introduction of the transfer window, there has been a lot more excitement surrounding transfer news. So, keep an eye on it. There’ll be rumours and prospective deals to watch out for, as well as the excitement of a good price war and news of that passed medical.

Try a New Sport

Yes, it’s the end of the football season and rugby has gone too. But, there are other sports. Cricket is huge in summer, as are cycling and racing. Why not give some other sports a chance? Tickets to other sporting events are often cheaper than football, so if there is anything going on in your local area why not go along and see what you think?

Take a Holiday

In even years, you need to plan holidays around the World Cup or Euros. Or, at least make sure you can watch the important games at your destination.

This year, there are a few qualifiers and some international friendlies but for the most part your summer is free for you to go on holiday and give your family your full attention.

If you’ve got plenty of free time, why not use it to travel? See a few different countries, meet new people and share some new experiences.

Travelling can teach you a lot, both about other cultures and
yourself, which helps to put things in perspective and give you a fresh outlook. Many people love to travel and return feeling refreshed and ready to get back to everyday life.

Do Some DIY

Summer is a great time to tackle any DIY jobs you’ve been putting off or neglecting. Throw your windows and doors open and get repairing and decorating. Start now and your weekends will be free again by August.

Try a Hobby

Summer is the perfect time to try a new hobby. Some great ideas of things you could try include:

• Photography

• Running

• Swimming

• Painting

• Crafts

• Climbing

• Hiking


The summer season is absolutely full of festivals and without regular football, your weekends will be free to attend as many as possible. If you are into music there are some excellent, well-known options, but also some smaller, family-friendly choices if you want to take the kids.

If you prefer food to music, there are some great food or baking festivals you could try. Festivals can be great fun, a wonderful way to spend time with your friends and family, and a fantastic chance to learn some new skills or sample some different things.

There are many great Summer Sports Substitutions, which can help to keep you busy over the break. Check out further advice online if you need some more ideas.

3 thoughts on “Things for fans to do until Sunderland’s football season starts in August”

  1. A big thank you to the particular Ladbrokes employee who came up with these suggestions. I would never have thought of them myself.

  2. You can of course troll down the A1 to Headingley and watch Leeds Rhinos. After the game last Sunday at Sid James’ Park there is nothing more pleasing than to see two teams go at it hammer and tongs, but without any cheating or dirty play. Both Castleford and Leeds were a credit to their sport.
    Give it a try (no pun intended) you may be surprised to see proper rugby being played.

    • And see a team that can win for a change! It was a bit one sided last night. From what I saw on telly I thought Warrington’s defence was poor but Leeds good value for the win.

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