Nottingham Forest guess the score. Will it be the first win at the SOL this year?

John McCormick writes: It’s the time of the week that all true Sunderland fans have come to fear. A chance to guess the score in a Sunderland AFC game.

What will you do? Be honest and write us off? Or keep the faith and go for a win?

What a choice to have to make.

The win is coming. Keep the faith

But one day we will win at the SOL. I know it’s coming and I’ll even go for my usual 2-0 forecast. However, as I’m writing this I have to rule myself ineligible for the prize (but perhaps eligible for the non-prize) so that score remains available for you – if you’re quick enough. You don’t even have to be a Sunderland supporter to choose it. Forest fans are welcome to predict a win for us, or even for themselves.

That doesn’t mean you’ll win a prize if you choose it and are correct.

That depends on Colin and he’s not here to give the OK. But if he does decide an award is in order he’ll let us know, and the usual rules will apply:

  • First one to post the correct score wins. Posts must be in the comments below. Posts on our facebook page are not eligible.
  • You must have a UK address to which the mug (or the non-mug) can be (or won’t be) posted
A SAFC supporting winner might get this


  • A winning Forest fan will have the mug (or won’t have the non-mug) suitably altered to reflect their chosen calling. Posts are held for moderation but they are time stamped so we will know who got in first in the event of two or more getting it right.
  • Deadline is the kick-off. Once the ref blows that whistle it’s too late.

And won’t you regret it if you predicted the score correctly but didn’t post it here!


19 thoughts on “Nottingham Forest guess the score. Will it be the first win at the SOL this year?”

  1. Surprised that 0-0 hasnt been mentioned so worth a shot… Pre-requisite is of course a JOS on fire and a keeper who can stop at least one… Make us dream!

  2. I’ll go for 3-2 to us. I know Eric 012 included that in the myriad of scores that he mentioned. I’m assuming that it’s still free, if not, I’ll take 2-3 to them.

  3. We will lose 3-0 I reckon. I hate predicting defeats but this lot are simply pathetic.

    Let’s hope my reverse psychology works.

  4. 3 – 2. Or it could be 2 – 3. 6 -6, 11 – 0. 10 – 2 to Forest, 9 – 0 to us. How many combinations are there between 0 & 7? What I’m trying to say is it could be anything. Might even be abandoned or postponed due to downpours of biblical proportions. Launch that boat Noah! Ellis Short might attend, he probably won’t. Sobs and Sixer will be there to bring us their thoughts as per. Forest can’t wear red, so will have to wear a change strip which may or may not be part of their heritage, 2nd strip or 3rd strip? I’ll listen to it on SAFCSee which last year was free but this year the EFL has decreed that it will cost me £4 ish a month. All will be revealed at approx. 2130 tomorrow.

  5. Off piste and not GTS (Guess the Score) but GTSAS (Guess the Shorts and Socks).

    With all this hoo ha about the third kit being a “nod to our industrial heritage” there are plenty of pictures of the shirt but none that I can find showing the shorts and socks that will go with it. As the trim is yellow is that a possibilty? Will we go with black shorts and red socks or light blue shorts and red socks? Who knows – someone must!

    As for the “nod to our industrial heritage” I reckon the bod who was charged with designing it lost his felt pens and just coloured in with a 2B pencil, then someone picked it up and sent it off to the manufacturers.

  6. The eternal optimist again it’s not all bad like the boss says a lot of new faces and it does take time to click as positive as ever someone is in for a good hiding when it does so will stick with my usual 4-0 to the lads LETS SUPPORT and NOT HASSLE

    • Sorry Bill, Nick beat you to that score by 4 minutes. I was changing computers and unable to approve his post in time.

      But I hope you’re both right

      John Mac

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