Sunderland vs Reading prize Guess the Score: ensure Burton was no freak result

Jake is far too doubting

Far too early for Guess the Score, of course. But let’s build on the modest excitement of a win and get the ball rolling again (who knows? Monsieur Salut may even get round to sending out some overdue prizes to previous winners) …

It is a time to be positive.
On no account should any Sunderland supporter allow himself or herself to think back to that 4-0 win at Crystal Palace that we all took to be the turning point of last season. The past, as has been said by others, is another country.

Winning at Burton was necessary. Newcastle – and Brewers – fans who mock the delight we took, one Mag suggesting we responded as if we’d won the World Cup, completely missed the point.

But that victory, ending a painful run without one since mid-August, must be followed by similar results.

It would take only a few wins to push Sunderland up the table towards a position in or above mid-table that should be possible even with our squad limitations. If you missed it, click here and read Pete Sixsmith’s ascent to the ranks of English literary masters, otherwise known as a a dream of a match report.

One Jake made earlier (when we were both in the Premier League and the match had to be arranaged for later in the season after the SoL pitch was flooded in August)

Rafa Benitez complains he cannot compete in the transfer market with such mighty clubs as Huddersfield, Brighton and Burnley. We had to settle for the sort of acquisitions you’d not put beyond the reaches of teams pushing for promotion from League Two.

But so far, so good under Chris Coleman. Three points from six may not seem like title-chasing form but winning one out of two successive away games feels like a breath of fresh air, as do Coleman’s enthusiasm and passion.

That’s our bit done. Now over to the boss and his players to do the rest.

Have a go at guessing the Sunderland vs Reading score. A Sunderland-supporting winner will receive a copy of Tales from The Red and Whites Volume Two, a Reading or neutral fan will be sent a mug – remembering that any winner must have a UK delivery address.

And Ha’way the Lads.

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14 thoughts on “Sunderland vs Reading prize Guess the Score: ensure Burton was no freak result”

  1. 1-0 to to The Lads.

    I suspect we will score more than one and we will probably concede at least one as well. Reading played tonight so, hopefully, they are tired.

    We need the three points, and to stop the media going on about not winning at home.

    Out of the relegation zone too, I hope.

  2. Reading are no pushover, and we almost always concede. BUT…..I think Chris Coleman’s motivational powers might produce results. 2-1 to Sunderland.

  3. The eternal optimist what a good birthday present sats result was seems to have had a knock on good feeling among cats fans think the crowds will be back in force this weekend
    with plenty of vocal support so it’s another clean sheet for me 4-0 to the lads to set up a massive December surge come on Coleman

  4. 2-0.
    Pete got in first and predicted 2-0 last week and look what happened, and this after I’d been doing that score( with no result) since we last won at home. So I’m getting in first now.

    but as I don’t think I’m eligible for the prize someone else can have the same score if they want it.

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