A View from the Avenue: SAFC a scuttled ship and we’re drowning with it

Paul Summerside: not past caring – just yet

Monsieur Salut writes: Paul Summerside tends to post his thoughts at the Salut! Sunderland Facebook page (and how I wish all of its 740 members came here at least once a day or even once a week). Sometimes, I pick on them and reproduce here, with scant editing. Sometimes, I’m a bit pushed and add them as a comment. And sometimes, I’m so pushed I do nothing. But this seems the perfect accompaniment to the sheer if despairing brilliance of Pete Sixsmith’s report of the meek acceptance of a Villa stroll. As you’ll see, Paul is one of those already voting ith his feet …

It smacks to me that ever since the Moyes debacle, a path has been deliberately plotted by Short and Bain, to take the club into League 1 and administration [legal note: surely not but I see how you feel – Ed].

This was clear as soon as Aberdeen’s Derick McInnes turned down the managers job, over player funding budget. (Lack of)

No investment in playing staff, and a fire sale left us with the worst squad ever seen in our proud Red and White stripes.

Even those Red and White stripes were savagely abused with the new strip.

It’s like some sick retribution on the fans, as if they are to blame for the monumental shambles overseen by Short, at management and board level.

* Who are we to want better?

* Who are we to want a season without relegation worries?

* Who are we to want a transfer kitty equivalent to Bournemouth’s?

* Who are we to want decent seats in our stadium?

* Who are we to want progression?

The reasons behind this financial suicide are not understood by me, yet seem to exist as a policy.

Administration would mean Short’s loans to SAFC would be written off. (£60m loss overnight.)

The club will definitely sell in LEAGUE 1, but only for £30-40 mil. (£100m loss compared to 18 months ago)

None of this seems to make any sense.

I am amazed at how this man became a billionaire, and am convinced *********** [censored – Ed] when he made his hedge fund billions!

I look forward to the day when he leaves, takes Bain with him and we start again from scratch with new owners, fresh legs and a blank sheet of paper on which to rewrite history.

The only thing I hope will remain, are the fans, who have behaved with utmost integrity under extreme circumstances.

I wish i had their patience and fortitude.

As for Short, one day he will be part of SAFC history… i for one look forward to that day.

4 thoughts on “A View from the Avenue: SAFC a scuttled ship and we’re drowning with it”

  1. Starting with nothing in terms of players is inevitable next season after relegation – the number of loan players who will return to their clubs, retirement of such as O’Shea, the sale of promising young players to reduce the debt.
    And don’t expect investment in players from the owner.
    The club is in a far, far worse situation than it was when relegated to the third level in the 80’s, which many of us remember.
    A further relegation is most certainly possible and there have been precedents with the likes of Portsmouth.
    Only a sale of the club with investment on the playing side can help us.
    So many bad decisions by the owner, senior management.
    It’s incredible.

  2. As far as I’m aware any process of administration would mean assets being sold to pay off debts. Given the debt is over 100 million the playing staff won’t cover a fraction of that, so what else will have to be sold? I fear starting from scratch may mean exactly that, starting with nothing!

  3. Like you, Paul, I suspect administration is coming. At least Leeds had the sense to collect their ten point deduction before they were relegated so they started the next season on zero. That subtlety is probably well beyond Bain and co.

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