Sixer’s Luton Town Sevens: no disgrace as Sunderland return with a point

John McCormick writes: I read or heard something from some commentator a few days ago that their Sunderland game will be every other League One club’s cup final. From the little snippets that came my way I think that was the case today. A sell-out crowd, home and away, the home team coming back from behind and trying for the winner, the away team hanging on and seeking the winner for their own part. Did Sunderland survive a baptism of fire or did they throw a couple of points away? My view is it’s a point gained, given that half our squad is out.

Pete Sixsmith will be able to give a better view as he was there, despite a snarl up on the M1. We’ll have to wait for his return, so I’d advise you to look in tomorrow. As a taster, however, here’s the seven word text he sent immediately on the final whistle:

Aug 11 Luton Town (0) 1 Sunderland (1) 1 Played well in patches against solid opposition

Aug 4 Sunderland (0) 2 Charlton Athletic (1) 1 A great day for club and academy

July 21 St Mirren (0) 0 Sunderland (2) 6 * Cracking results like this will suit fine

July 17 Grimsby Town (0) Sunderland (1) 1 *Gooch’s header from Maguire’s cross settles matters

July 14 Hartlepool United (1) 1 Sunderland (0) 1 Yet to see anything to inspire confidence

July 10 Darlington (1) 1 Sunderland (0) 0 Embarrassing

4 thoughts on “Sixer’s Luton Town Sevens: no disgrace as Sunderland return with a point”

  1. Win your homes games , draw your away games and you go up . Solid start against two of the stronger teams in the division.

  2. Can your misgivings be removed? You criticise the owners for ‘engaging’. No doubt last season you criticised the incumbent for not engaging. Would you prefer that the tatty seats had remained? From what I’ve seen Ross is astute and his use of our own plus newcomers is working for the level we are at. How many times did we hit the woodwork yesterday? We created more chances and had more possession than Luton. All teams struggle with set pieces. Tis the way of things. Cheer up old son, we’re on target.

  3. Under normal circumstances a draw aeay while gravy stain united get tanned at home would be better than an onvite to a Charlie sheen party.
    Giving away silly goals and almost losing at the death does rankle.
    I remain unconvinced that we have remedied our defensive frailties. Charlton deserved a draw if you were an objective bystander and in the end luton deserved their point.
    Any club that doesnt take oviedo either on loan or permanent is missing a trick and he wants away.
    With him gone we will have precious little in the way of quality and robustness ( is that a word ) in our defensive ranks. Loovens is old and slow. Ozturk is young slow and awful. Love does a great impersonation of a rabbit in the headlights and slice it dice it any way you want but james is a sicknote.
    We will have flanagan, baldwin and matthews. Is that enough to sustain a promotion push.
    I hope my fears are unfounded but seeing the cloud rather than the silver lining has become a habit.
    Owners who chat more than hairdressers and painting pink seats red have not removed my misgivings as yet.

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