We all agree: name the North Stand after Monty (or do we?)

We’ve chosen one of Jake’s generic Salut! Sunderland images as this is a democratic effort

John McCormick writes: It was Malcolm who sent the e-mail about a poll to decide on names for the stands at the SOL but it was Eric who made the original request, via the comments section, in Colin’s guess the score for the opening game of the season. My contribution was the headline you see above and the construction of the page.

Charlie Hurley, Bob Stokoe, Bradley Lowery, Raich Carter, Stan Anderson, Jimmy Montgomery and Ian Porterfield, in no particular order, were the first names we came up with; I added Cloughie and Shack when setting up the poll.

The Jimmy Seed Stand

Jimmy Seed also came to my mind, possibly because this year is the centenary of the end of the war and also of his last game for us, but he already has a stand in  the Valley, coincidentally the home of this weekend’s opponents, and one of us came up with Margaret Byrne, which raises the possibility of 28,000 supporters each coming up with a better choice this weekend, without any name appearing twice.

The possibilities aren’t endless, but just think of some of the players I haven’t previously mentioned: Nick Sharkey, Bobby Kerr, and of course Sir Niall Quinn – and they are just from my own memory. Or what about non-players? Does James Allan deserve commemoration? We truly have a tremendous history and the more you think, the more you delve, the more names you will find.

For now, though, I’ll just put in the first 9. Any other suggestions (all 28,000 of them) can be added via the comments section at the bottom. And for the time being you’re limited to one choice even though we have four stands, and I’ll hide the results until such time as I’m sure we won’t be hit by the glitch that allowed multiple voting to affect recent polls.

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Jimmy Seed Stand pic courtesy of Wikipedia, posted by Baddmind


13 thoughts on “We all agree: name the North Stand after Monty (or do we?)”

  1. I think we should have the Billy Reilly Stand, The Kenny Snowdon Stand, The George Michael Thompson Stand and The Jasper Jones Stand.
    M Salut will explain these to any who are interested.
    Failing that, The Charlie Hurley Stand. The Sir Bob Murray Stand, The Raich Carter Stand and The Ned Doig Stand would do for me.

  2. My late father, born 1907, maintained that Raich Carter was the best Sunderland player ever.

    Not having the good luck to see him myself, I would agree with Monty, who, for me, epitomizes everything I want to see in a Sunderland player.

  3. Charlie Hurley, Bob Murray, Bradley Lowery Family Enclosure, Bobby Gurney, Raich Carter are my short list. Just never, ever, after a beer sponsor or roofing contractors or scaffolders. Something permanent with a bit of club history and class. Perhaps in years to come we can rename one of them to The Stewart Donald Stand as “the man who brought Champions League football to Sunderland”.


  4. For me it would be the Bobby Gurney stand and the Charlie Hurley stand – the former because he was a heroic figure rooted in the local community and the latter just because he was the best player I ever saw playing for SAFC.

  5. How about someone in our recent history? Peter Reid would be a good one for me! The most entertaining football in years! Hasn’t been replicated since!
    Come on he must be up there?
    2 top 7 finishes bla bla bla

  6. He’s a nice boss isn’t he? I have a suggestion for each stand. The Sir Bob Murray Stand, as without his vision we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The Bradley Lowery Stand in honour of the bravery of that little lad. Also, how about bringing back The Fulwell End and The Roker End. Failing that we could name them after Kone, Dongy, Dodgibilly and Rodders.

  7. At least one of the stands should be the Bob Murray stand The Stadium of Light, the Academy of Light and the Beacon of Light wouldn’t exist without his drive and vision

  8. Mmmmm – my tongue was firmly in my cheek when I suggested the Margaret Byrne Family Stand thinking of her contribution to the club’s child protection policy!

  9. how about making space for the “Niall Quinn disco pants are the best” stand in your poll.

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