Doncaster Rovers vs SAFC Guess the Score

Jake: ‘Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again – no prize this time’

For this midweek visit to Doncaster Rovers, Salut! Sunderland reverts to a “just for fun” format for the Guess the Score.

The coffers are empty and there’s a backlog of prizes to be ordered for previous winners.

Normal service – ie prize mugs – will be restored once M Salut feels less skint and has honoured outstanding obligations.

Have a go anyway. It’s a clash of two teams up there with the League One frontrunners.

I love the way our Donny Who are You? interviewee, Darren Burke (yet another good read in the series and due to be published tonight) describes the passion of our supporters, with the 4,000 away allocation sold out:

As long as Sunderland accept their current placing with good grace (Leeds never did when they were in League One!) they have got more chance of a quick return. The fans have that whole North East fervour going on – it isn’t very often we see the away end at the Keepmoat full and 4,000 tickets sold out for a midweek match weeks in advance says it all. I’m looking forward to the return at the SoL – will be my first visit.

Ha’way the Lads.

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19 thoughts on “Doncaster Rovers vs SAFC Guess the Score”

  1. The eternal optimist would love another clean sheet but thinks this will be difficult for the lads however a 2-4 would be a good result

  2. Seeing that most of the sensible scores have gone,
    I’ll go for 5-2.
    A clean sheet was good, but I’m not expecting another one.

    It will be just my luck to win when there’s no mug. 🙁

  3. 6 0 to us. All the goals in the second half so I can watch them via SAFCsee on my tablet. Tied up until 10.30 local time so I make that 8.30 in the UK.

    Ha’way the lads in their all black kit.

  4. We have a phantom ‘thumbs-downer’. Come out and tell us why. I’m going for a 1-2 away win to tighten things up at the top.

  5. Doncaster 1 – 4 Sunderland, but I am actually expecting quite a tight game with Doncaster having lots to gain with a win.

    If nothing else this season has been quite entertaining so far, long way to go and consistency is king.

  6. Having finally won (I did didn’t I?) after years of predicting a 2-0 win I don’t know what to do. Do I stick or go for something else?

    I think stick now we’re on a roll, so
    0-2, Gooch and Honeyman, one per half, in that order, with both sides hitting the woodwork.
    At least James won’t complain if I’m wrong.

      • I’m guessing that your grandson will be the recipient of a mug eventually. Therefore I will have to find someone else to donate my extensive winnings to.

      • I do believe so, and I was there.

        The extra tension when you’re in with a chance of a mug has to be experienced to be believed. Not only is there “will we hold out? ” at 0-1 but then also “will we score another?”, followed by “can we hold on again?” after we do.

        And all this in the last 10 minutes, when hordes of Shrewsbury fans were walking past me for the exit and blocking my view.

        But thank you for your efforts on James’ behalf. You will be rewarded in heaven

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