Rate the ref: Thomas Bramall – Bristol Rovers at home

Our first home league game since the series started, meaning this is our first opportunity to get the opinion of a decent sized crowd. We didn’t expect many ratings for away games but thought we would get more people taking part when the game’s at the SOL. The cup game against Walsall did nothing to prove us right as only 9 people bothered to give us a number, and their average gave us the lowest score to date – 4.4 on the Ken-meter.

Will this week’s ref do better, both in the K-rating and in the number of people letting us have a score?¬†We shoud get 30-40 people if we scale up Tuesday’s figures, but even that seems a measly number compared to how many go through the turnstiles.

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4 thoughts on “Rate the ref: Thomas Bramall – Bristol Rovers at home”

  1. I didn’t think he got too much wrong other than an utterly ridiculous overrule of his linesman to give them a corner when it clearly wasn’t and the linesman had the best view.
    Other than that fairly invisible which is what you want. Might have helped him that we were in the lead so no time-wasting from the opposition.

    • Agree, though the same linesman was two yards behind play on one occasion that gave Rovers a good chance to equalise when their player was clearly offside.

      Still have seen a lot worse this season. I scored 6.

  2. I would love to the yardage markers for players stealing meters when taking free kicks and throw ins. The ref today and his linesmen were guilty in allowing Bristol to persistently steal yards for every throw in and free kick. I know all teams do it but there has to be a limit.

    I voted six for the ref, but would have given less if the scoring categories were more refined as he allowed plenty of first half time wasting, holding the ball in free kick situations and allowing consistent and persistent shirt pulling.

    May be the scoring should be broken down in to sub categories with his overall score being a summation of the subs.

    • Break down categories? Gi’s a break, guv!

      But thanks for your vote and your comment. I’d like to see more of both

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