Last call for Wembley photos

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You might have seen some of the photos on this website. You might have been over to facebook and seen the video that Jake and I put together.

If not you can find it here

That was the second video I made. The first was an early one with fewer photos (you can see them on the left, click here for that video) and “Stand by me” by Ben E King as a soundtrack. As I suspected at the time, facebook’s Digital Rights Management algorithm(s) took out that track.

I’m not complaining about that, although I can’t say I’ve profited much from the copyrighted material I had published myself.

That’s where Jake came in. I knocked out a few lines, Jake got out his trusty guitar and set his mobile phone to record, and the rest is history,  and in the spirit of not profiting from copyright material here are the words so you can sing along with Jake:

We don’t sing “Blaydon races” or “You’ll never walk alone “

We don’t punch coppers’ horses though we have been known to moan

But when we get to Wembley we know we’ll have our day

and we sing “Haway the lads” as we walk down Wembley Way

We travel in our thousands and we drink the taverns dry

We are the Sun’land faithful and that’s the reason why

You’ll hear us from a distance when we belt out “Wise men say”

and a chorus of “Haway the lads” along auld Wembley Way.

We have a famous history as everyone should know

With heroes from our past to give us guidance us as we go

Montgomery and Porterfield, then Quinn and Michael Gray

You’ll hear the names a-chanted as we walk down Wembley Way

Just as I was about to post that video a couple more photos came in. However, after I added them to my second video,  the software I was using – a trial version which I thought would last more than three days – requested money to  let me export it so I went with what I had.

Colin’s asked if I can add the other photos so I’ll have another go and post it maybe late tomorrow, all going well. So there’s a last chance for you. If you want to feature in our video and have any pictures from our most recent Wembley trip you’d like to be included send them in and  I’ll do what I can.

And if  you want to be removed let us know and we’ll make sure you’re not there when we put the final final video up and delete the others.

As Colin said in that original post on the subject: All of us who were there will have memories to last the rest of our lives. Send your own best photos to us – by clicking here – and we’ll find a way of publishing the best of them.

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