The Rochdale vs Sunderland Guess the Score: keep it going, Lads

There IS a prize and you know what it is. Click the banner to have a go

Job done at Accrington Stanley and our old friend Eric Bower won Guess the Score, correctly going for a 3-0 win to get us swiftly over any Wembley blues, or Blues for that matter.

Eric must now choose from the excellent 3Retro range of classic Sunderland tops – thanks to Danny Taylor at 3Retro for coming up with a prize – and confess to his size.

So it’s back to a mug for Rochdale away on Saturday. It is another hugely important game; win and we will set ourselves up nicely for the run-in. But Rochdale are fighting for their League One lives and will working out how to cause an upset.

You know the rules. Be first to be right and have a UK delivery address. A Rochdale winner would be found a suitable alternative to the Sunderland mug.

Ha’way the Lads.

Enter the prize Guess the Score – whoever you support

And apologies for sundry typos in the piece as first posted. Monsieur Salut must remember not to type Guess the Score posts on a mobile phone while waiting for the French equivalent of an MOT test to be carried out (it passed).

Jake: ‘more of the same Lads’

13 thoughts on “The Rochdale vs Sunderland Guess the Score: keep it going, Lads”

  1. Flanagan sent off for the pen incident and we ship 3 goals but score 4…. 4-3 to The Lads.

  2. 7-1 to the Lads after Flanagan gives away a penno and we go 0-1 down in the third minute. 3-1 at HT.

  3. We’re achieving shutouts and scoring more since maja left, and our forward line is starting to gel.
    0- 4. wyke, sterling, mcgeady, onien

  4. The eternal optimist says getting closer but I am going nap this time with a six nil to the lads could have been that at half time last night 0-6 to the lads

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