McGeady: Aiden and abetting a new Sunderland promotion push

McGeady: our best signing so far. Photo courtesy of

Monsieur Salut writes: we all love a marquee signing, the arrival at the Stadium of Light of Light of a game-changing player. I have no problem with bivouac signings, as our three new acquisitions so far, all frees, might be termed. As long as Jack Ross and his scouts have done their homework correctly, they may turn out to be important components of Sunderland’s forthcoming second go at getting out of League One. But the contract extension for Aiden McGeady is in a different league …

Aiden McGeady, indisputably one of League One’s classiest players last season, is staying at Sunderland.

A contract extension prolongs his stay to the end of the 2020-21 season and the news is as welcome as the seven-figure signings – OK, we are where we are so more likely six-figure – we’re hoping for.

It doesn’t seem to have been an especially difficult deal to clinch. McGeady was known in advance to feel settled at Sunderland. But there were suitors, even for a 33-year-old who has had his share of injury problems.

But McGeady tells he knew last season he wanted to stay regardless of what division the club were in.

“I am delighted to have extended my stay at the club,” he said. “At the end of last season, I spoke to the manager because I only really saw my future here.

“I spoke to the manager before we knew where we were going to be, whether it was in the Championship or League One.

“I am happy here and I am settled here. When you get to my age it’s not about other things. I looked at it from different points of view because there were other clubs interested in taking me but I didn’t want to entertain that so I was keen to get something sorted.

“The club were quite keen as well, so it’s worked out well and it has been sorted out quickly over the last couple of weeks.

“I’m very happy here and I want to do everything I can to help get the club back to where I think it belongs.”

It’s a great fillip. A similar piece of news about Jon McLaughlin would be another.

3 thoughts on “McGeady: Aiden and abetting a new Sunderland promotion push”

  1. I cant believe anyone would harbour the silly notion that jack ross has ever done his ‘homework’ in any aspect of his role.
    Certainly he talks the talk of the up and coming cerebral ambitious manager. As for the nitty gritty…..
    His signings last season were ( other than our gk and serendipitous o9 ) all 24 carat duds.
    Defenders who couldnt defend, strikers who couldnt score and midfielders who..well couldnt do much except attract cards and launch meaningless balls.
    His football was eye bleedingly awful and got worse as the season progressed. Even by the time of the play off final he still didnt know his best formation or best 11. His tactics and substitutions were symptomatic of someone confused and paranoid.
    So pardon me while I chortle down my well used sleeve when you suggest that ross even knows what homework is never mind that he does any.

    • Odd that this useless team, missed promotion only by a last minute goal, and the Checkatrade Cup in a penalty shootout?

      • I always remember Mrs Simpson, who taught me aged 7 at Eppleton Juniors saying “empty vessels make the most noise.”

        That certainly seems to be true of those commenting on the club on social media over the summer. Ticket season sales so far however would seem to suggest that the vast majority appreciate what is being done to turn the club around after several desperate years.

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