Sixer’s Sevens: Oxford set the scene for the season

Sixer keeping cool

John McCormick writes: I was surprised at that line-up and wonder how much it had to do with match fitness. Whatever the reason, the performance in the first half will have given Jack Ross some food for thought. Still, a point is better than nowt, as my granny never said. But myself, Pete Sixsmith, who was at the match whereas I wasn’t, and Jake all have the same dread thought. “is that single point a harbinger of another long grind and an unforgiving season?”
We’ll have a better idea after tomorrow, when Pete has had time to compose a more considered opinion. For now you’ll have to do with the seven word text he sent winging over flood-threatened valleys and a forlorn Bury in order to brighten your evening:

Jake: The start of another long “drawn” out season?

3 August Sunderland 1 (0) Oxford United 1 (1) Looks Like a repeat of last season

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  1. We were disjointed and toothless up front . The referee saved us from an embarrassing defeat but it was still two points dropped. We’re aiming for 100 points apparently, so only 99 to go …

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