Sunderland vs Wimbledon. Can we win this one in style?

Jake: ‘any win does the job but a thumping victory would do wonders for morale’

If you followed the game one way or the other, or saw Pete Sixsmith’s splendid match report here, you’ll know we gained three massive points at Rochdale without covering ourselves in glory.

Perhaps we should take comfort in the fact that successful teams have always had a knack of grinding out or snatching results when playing well below par or just being matched in all respects save goalscoring by opponents.

It is not sycophantic but a sheer matter of common sense to applaud a disappointing but winning performance, especially when it happens to be the third victory in a row. That level of consistency in results has been sorely lacking in recent seasons.

So without further ado, let us be having your feelings on whether, on paper, another highly winnable game – at home to AFC Wimbeldon on Saturday – will go to script.

For avoidance of doubt, scoreline predictions are invited on a strictly just-for-fun basis. The recent security fix that means this site’s address is now also means there is no dosh for prizes. If you know of a business that might make a modest sponsorship gesture in return for links from our pages, let us know and the popular dressing room mug will once again be offered to the winner of each competition.

It would be heartening to see our first truly convincing display of the new season and be celebrating a comfortable three points on Saturday. Or will we have to settle for the sort of game settled, as in the equivalent fixture last season by the estimable Mr McGeady?

You tell us. And Ha’way the Lads …

10 thoughts on “Sunderland vs Wimbledon. Can we win this one in style?”

  1. The eternal optimist says that the lads will go clean this week so my usual fower nowt to the lads , a brace for Giggs one for mcgeady and one for onein

  2. So far this season my predictions have always been 1 goal shy so I’m going to revert to my usual
    Sunderland 4 – 1 Wimbledon for a healthy and convincing win.

  3. 3 0. Grigg bursts into flame and scores a hat trick. Wyke hits the bar three times

    Good luck with the share issue, AFC fans, nearly there.

  4. This is the type of game I go along to expecting a comfortable three points and I often go home disappointed that we have only got one. So in an attempt to reverse things I predict another 1-1.

    (But secretly I’m hoping for a 3-0).

    No mug up for grabs so I have no problem getting in early but did we really need that video link? If you haven’t clicked on it yet then personally I wouldn’t bother. You’ll get a better look at McGeady’s goal here:–afc-wimbledon

    It’s also a good reminder just how close we came to not winning that game.

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