It’s a New Day, a New Dawn and We’re Feeling Good

While there are nerves in taking over a well established SAFC fans site, there is a huge pressure to not only maintain the standard but also add to the 6k+ posts that have been created by Colin and his team over the past 13 years.


Why the acquisition?

Colin had posted back in November that the site was to disappear, with so much content created and the countless; probably thousands of hours in creating that content i just couldn’t let that happen, so i made Colin an offer and with a promise to preserve the content untouched. When i did dig into the site i found a lot of technical issues that has taken me a few days to fix, not easy fixes and some i found challenging. Out of the other side of that is the new theme you see now and a reconfiguration of the backend of the site.

What’s the Plan?

You may have already noticed the new addition of the SAFC stats subdomain, we’re planning to build that out to a lot more than is currently there to include where data is available: cup games, manager stats, player stats and a lot more. While there is already an amazing stats site in the The StatCat we’re approaching it from a slightly different angle.

The New Authors

While the outgoing owner, editor and authors will continue to have access to the site we’ve brought in a new team;

All passionate SAFC fans. If you too want to contribute by all means drop me a DM on twitter.

As more of the techy geek in the background my posts will be few and far between, i’ll be building out new features for the site and concentrating on optimising what already exists to bring the Salut! Sunderland archives to new readers as well as pushing the newly created content.

Thank You

As a closing note I want to say a personal thank you to Colin for giving me the opportunity to take care of everything he and his team created, i know it’s a wrench to let something you’ve been dedicated to go, it’s in good hands mate.

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