The Ithics Files: (9) Chairman Bob 1 Media 0

The cover speaks for itself.

Issue 13 of It’s the Hope I Can’t Stand, way back in April 1999, and Bob – now Sir Bob – Murray was presiding over a club romping to promotion, scoring goals for amusement and drawing huge crowds to the Stadium of Light. The same SoL that some in the media had suggested could prove a white elephant.

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The Ithics Files: (7) Hull away, when the going got tough

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Salut! Sunderland recovers from the rigours of a busy week on the transfer front to resume its summer series of classics from the short but edifying life of the SAFC fanzine It’s The Hope I Can’t Stand. This, roughly maintaining the slightly worrying theme of his first article on travelling away with Sunderland, is Dave “Chalkie” Dawson’s description of the day committing a public nuisance came close to being a case of mass indecent exposure …

Opening game of the season: Hull City 3 Sunderland 0.

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