The Ithics Files: (7) Hull away, when the going got tough

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Salut! Sunderland recovers from the rigours of a busy week on the transfer front to resume its summer series of classics from the short but edifying life of the SAFC fanzine It’s The Hope I Can’t Stand. This, roughly maintaining the slightly worrying theme of his first article on travelling away with Sunderland, is Dave “Chalkie” Dawson’s description of the day committing a public nuisance came close to being a case of mass indecent exposure …

Opening game of the season: Hull City 3 Sunderland 0.

It got better, in the old Division Two, for us and and it got a whole lot worse for Hull.

We recovered sufficiently from a gloomy start – one win in 10 for Jimmy Adamson and his Lads – to finish sixth when the season ended on April 29 1978, and we went up with Leicester (not Liverpool as inexplicably appeared here earlier: see comments) two seasons later under Ken Knighton. Hull, sadly, ended up bottom.

Dave Dawson was there. The day was an eye-opener in many ways. He was to watch in admiration how seasoned away travellers coped with the natural consequences of consuming large quantities of liquid when the need to proceed at speed along the motorway to make kickoff made repeated stops impractical.

On this occasion, Dave was helped by Geoff Mallin. Their collaboration produced a great read. Click on the images to magnify the text.

Monsieur Salut

4 thoughts on “The Ithics Files: (7) Hull away, when the going got tough”

  1. “Want a job as a sub-editor, Phil? Rewards in heaven.”

    I don’t think that I could cope with the 70? virgins.

    They’d finish me off for a second time and send me to hell!!

  2. Takes me back to Billy Reilly’s bus and the epic trip to Blackpool in 1964, when Jasper Jones had consumed a dozen bottles of Brown Ale before we reached the Preston by pass.
    Many years later, when George Michael Thompson ran the bus, they had a funnel at the front so the wee would not shoot all over the place. There were some people who could not use it and had to sit cross legged for miles!!
    Thank goodness for toilets on buses; the greatest invention of the 20th. Century.

  3. “and we went up with Liverpool two seasons later under Ken Knighton.”

    Would that be the same Liverpool who won the First Division Championship that year, or Leicester who won the Second Division Championship?

    Bin dipper wannabes!!

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