Sixer’s Gillingham Sevens – Jozy’s looking good right now

John McCormick writes: Although comments are still not being processed, which must put a dampener on participation, Wrinkly Pete did manage to get this into the system after Pete Sixsmith’s review of the Roy Keane era:

What a fitting way for the website to close – a Sixer Series. Fascinating too that he should choose the managers to focus on…. ”the ones what always gets the blame”. I look forward to episode 2.

Wrinkly Pete is totally correct in his appreciation of the other Pete, but not totally correct when he says the site is closing. It is true that the site is winding down but it will be around at least until fees already paid run out, and who knows then? So it’s quite possible there will be posts into 2020, and I’m sure some traditions will continue, one of which is a seven word text at the conclusion of each game.

In Mr. Sixsmith’s absence someone else does the text, which explains the asterisks at the start of each text, but not any superscript numbers.

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Sixer’s Sevens: Sunderland 1 Gillingham 1 is not a good omen

Pete Sixsmith has sent some interesting seven word texts in recent weeks, many of them on the pessimistic side. The most recent alluded to the probability that we won’t make a trip to Wembley in the EFL Trophy, although our cause is not yet dead.

This weekend’s game also provided an opportunity to travel on the Wembley Wagon. At half time Pete texted “comfortable without being totally convincing”, and how many times have we got to that stage thinking a 1-0 lead wasn’t enough? Of course, it wasn’t as Gillingham equalised almost from the kickoff and then held on for the draw.

So our journey’s not yet over although if Pete’s texts – two of them again – are any indicator we won’t be going anywhere soon. Or will we?

(We still can’t post comments on this site. If you wish to make an after- match, or any, comment of your own you can always have your say at Salut! Sunderland’s Facebook group. Click on any of the preceding four words. If you are told that you need to join the group, you can do so easily. Approval is very quick.)

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