The SAFC v Bolton Who are You?: ‘we could become another Portsmouth’

Jake wants answers ...

They’re a cagey lot
over and down a bit in Bolton. We’re hoping for a double on Saturday; they already have one. Just as before the game at the Reebok, we have a great set of replies – and a request for anonymity that survived even the euphoria of a mightily important win at Villa Park. Over, then, to Bob* from the Burnden Aces fans site aand writing just before last night’s game …

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Abandoning Spurs v Bolton honoured Fabrice Muamba – and football

_Z8L4171.JPG(Fabrice: right, with Sol Campbell. Image: Barry Zee)

Over the past few days, I have wondered whether to post an article about Steve Bruce’s reflections on his sacking by Sunderland as manager. There has been plenty going on in French football since my return to France 12 days ago – and there is today’s fighting draw at Goodison to maintain our interest in the FA Cup.

But what does any of that matter when set against the awful news from White Hart Lane about the Bolton Wanderers player Fabrice Muamba, who collapsed during the day’s other cup tie, Spurs-Wanderers, and appears as I write to be fighting for his life?

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