Poyet’s Uruguay, Jozy’s USA make the running. Is Jonny’s Toulon too posh?

First things first. The World Cup poll – not to be taken too seriously – currently shows Uruguay ahead of the USA in terms of preference.

Our marks-out-of-ten columnist, young Keir Bradwell, has registered a protest: how can we have people voting for another team in England’s group? The answer is that you can want England to succeed but have, in reserve, affection for Uruguay because of Gus, Italy for Borini, Mannone and Giaccherini and the USA for Jozy, wretched as he was for us most of the time last season. Anyway, scroll down to vote if you have not already … I intend to keep the poll going as teams falls by the wayside, so the collective Salut! Sunderland preference may change more than once.

One slight change. Taking account of Keir’s point, supported by Jeremy and accepted, of reflection, by Monsieur Salut, votes cast for Uruguay, Costa Rica and Italy – part of our group – will become valid only if and when England depart from the tournament. Even though this is just a spot of fun, it does seem inappropriate to adopt a team England face in the group stage.

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