Fulham v SAFC: Fayed, pictures of Lily, praise for our Steeeeeed

We promised Fulham’s man of money in this week’s “Who are You?” slot, and while Steve Johnson* may not be Mohamed as Fayed, or have quite his fortune, he does work in money. He’s also a passionate Fulham fan with some great answers to our questions ahead of Fulham v Sunderland this Saturday. Sadly no photo – so we’ve just had to make do again with his club’s celebrity supporter Lily Allen, who we’re sure really, really wants to do this feature herself of only she can break free from the tyrants who do her PR …

Mohamed al Fayed: a good thing for Fulham FC or do you have reservations? Where would you be now without the support he’s given?

When “Mo” put his hand in his pocket in 1997 the club had just gone through the lowest point in its history. I must admit there was some nervousness about him initially but he put a lot of money into the grass roots of the club and it was clear he was in for the whole journey. The rest is history, as they say on the pitch, although not keen on the dodgy shirts and the occasional dodgy guest – Michael Jackson and Maradona !! Where would we be without him – probably Ryman Premier League!!

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Fulham or Aberdeen: will the real Lily Allen stand up?


Once again, we wondered whether Lily Allen might be up for a contribution to our Who Are They? feature. Disregarding another Fulham fan who wrote in disparaging terms* to question her true allegiance – the Cottagers sic or Aberdeen – we duly invited her. With these results ,,,

Well, we put our questions to Lily Allen, famous for being a Fulham fan and probably game for such things … if only there wasn’t a brick wall in the shape of Murray Chalmers PR.

Last time we played Fulham, Murray’s charmer, Sarah, had a plausible excuse for a No: “Lily isn’t doing press.” (As if Salut! Sunderland could strictly speaking be called press, but we let that pass).

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Who are you? We’re Fulham (but we’re not Lily Allen)


To be honest, we were torn. Lily Allen or Roger Meloy to preview this Sunday’s game at Fulham, Steve Bruce’s latest attempt to prove to the world that Sunderland can perform on the road. Turning up at all would be an encouraging start. Anyway, Salut! Sunderland is not a site to be easily impressed by stardom so Lily was out (a choice made easier by an instant brush-off from her supPress Office). So, you’ll have to make do with her 2010 calendar, a sample from a recently published Observer interview about her football passion** – and, all the way from the USA, the thoughts of Roger*, the Cincinnati Kid and member of the Fuham Exiles fan site


Salut! Sunderland:
Comfortable last season, some good results so far but a little inconsistent. A fair summary of Fulham?

A fair summary. Getting into the Europa League was a major achievement for Fulham, but with our small squad this could come back and bite us later on in the season as we’ve played a midweek game virtually every week. Our biggest problem is still our away form. We have trouble picking up points from poor teams, such as losing at Wolves and Birmingham, drawing at Wigan and West Ham. Although, the 2-2 at Man. City was a good result considering we were 0-2 down.

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