Sixer’s stand-in’s Soapbox: Everton do enough to guarantee the points

John McCormick writes:

Pete has asked me if I can do a match report for him as he’s taking in Bradford v Toulouse and won’t get in until late.

I can, but you mustn’t expect his level of wit, nor his keen observation and erudition. This was only my third live game of the season and I have enough trouble recognising September’s signings, never mind any from January, and have yet to work out what system we use and where different players slot in, assuming we have one.

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Sixer’s Everton Soapbox: an abysmal second half, a rude awakening


evertonsoapboxJohn McCormick writes: Jake sent a message with the graphic for this page. It began

“As soon as I read that Lukaku hadn’t scored for six months my heart sank.”

When I heard the commentators on Sky saying pretty much the same I had similar feelings. You just knew he would score. But for the first half I thought we did OK, although our midfield couldn’t find Defoe, who battled in vain.  Perhaps I have a rosy view, however, as TV doesn’t always show what went on all over the pitch. For a fuller picture we need to call on Pete Sixsmith, who was at the match and who witnessed that second half capitulation first hand:

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