From Morecambe to Blackpool, Blackburn, Bolton and Bury, then Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere. It’s an Historic Lancashire Ramble

WordPress seems happier with Win7 than Win10, and a change of computer has let me add more content and repost the report I did a few hours ago:

It was January 2017 when I last reported on this side of the Pennines, which is not surprising, given the season(s) – and close seasons – we’ve had recently. it’s a bit quieter now, so I thought it a good time to revisit before things get lively again. Some of the clubs I visited have improved their circumstances, others have seen their situations worsen and quite a few of them are now sharing a division with us, not all in the best of circumstances.

Indeed, some will make you wonder why all the fuss about us finishing fifth and missing out on promotion against Charlton, who themselves are not in the best of circumstances, given the owner is looking to sell and appears to have already given up on promotion, although he hadn’t ruled it out completely yesterday.

Charlton fans are welcome to post their thoughts but Charlton are not the issue today, the focus is firmly on the historic County of Lancashire

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Checkatrade Morecambe: Guess the Score

no mugs this Tuesday

John McCormick writes: I’m hoping to get this up before my battery runs out so it will be short and sweet.

What will the score be on Tuesday when we take on Morecambe in the Checkatrade Trophy?

First to post the correct score won’t win a mug but the glory will all be theirs.

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Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 2 Morecambe 0. Untroubled progress

A win!

Pete Sixsmith got away with opting for the Rugby League Challenge Cup final on Saturday thanks to our drain brain drain. So Morecambe in the Capital One Cup took the place of Reading in the Premier as our SoL opener – and Pete’s. He saw comprehensive Sunderland dominance lead to a comfortable victory, James McClean scoring both goals and going close to a hat trick.

Sixer’s Sevens is intended to capture the glory and shame, hope and despair, excitement and ennui of the Sunderland matchday experience. The full archive – see link below – sums up what all Sunderland supporters feel, from darkest gloom to sublime elation, in the words of one who is usually there. On those rare occasions when he is not, or when his own verdict is delayed, the seven-word assessment is preceded by an asterisk to denote his absence.

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