Checkatrade Morecambe: Guess the Score

no mugs this Tuesday

John McCormick writes: I’m hoping to get this up before my battery runs out so it will be short and sweet.

What will the score be on Tuesday when we take on Morecambe in the Checkatrade Trophy?

First to post the correct score won’t win a mug but the glory will all be theirs.

Usual rules apply.

You can predict the score from anywhere in the world but if you want to win the non-mug you must have a UK address to which it won’t be posted.

Morecambe supporters are welcome to enter. Any from Sunderland Point will still count as away supporters. If an away supporter wins her or his non-mug will be suitably decorated – or so she or he is free to believe.

Your post may be held for moderation but we will know who got in first in the event of two winning predictions being posted. Both won’t be sent the non-mug.

M Salut’s decision is final.



13 thoughts on “Checkatrade Morecambe: Guess the Score”

  1. Shrimps 0 Cats 6

    Ozturk, Oviedo, Diamond, Sinclair, Power, O’Nien – nothing like spreading the goals around and no-one whose name begins with an M on the score sheet. Ruiter has a solid performance, making two decent saves but is pretty quiet most of the time.

    Pete has the lobster risotto in The Midland while I make do with a bag of chips on the front.

    Love seaside resorts in the winter time.

  2. I agree with CSB I think it will be a completely different side out against Morecambe on Tuesday but feel that they will all have something to prove so as optimistic as ever 4-0 to the lads

    • I’m too late to register my usual fower nowt, Jame’s brother has had it away. Still I’m only shaken not stirred. 18 nowt is my confident prediction.

  3. Having won my first mug, even if it is a “non-mug”, I’m looking to extend my winning streak. I’ll go for us to win 3-1

  4. We are bound to put out the youngins for this game so it realistically could be anything, but for the sake of the ‘Glory’ (does this mean I need to get a second trophy cabinet?) Sunderland to win same as last night 2 -1.

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