Fulham 0 SAFC 0 Observed: no seasonal sparkle

A draw at Fulham is not a bad result. But it came in a game of few thrills, little quality, hardly any talking points – except the question of whether Mark Hughes told his players to go out and rough up John Mensah in the knowledge of what the loss of the injury-prone centre back would have meant. Let us say no more than it looked that way a couple of times. Pete Sixsmith went into action again for The Observer

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Liverpool v Sunderland Observed: simply our best

Things have reached such a state at Anfield that Liverpool fans now hail as a “good start” an extremely dodgy early goal, in which the spirit of fair play was singularly absent whatever the letter of the law may say (and always leaving aside how far Torres was from the ball when the “free kick” was “taken”). On the other hand, Turner may just have been a prat! …

In any case, Stephanie Jones, an Observer-reading Red, saw it in a positive light – her team’s start, that is, not their overall performance – in her fan’s report for her Sunday newspaper of choice.

Salut! Sunderland was again called upon to give its own verdict, but let Stephanie speak first:

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