View from the West Stand: That’s more like it as Cats put five past Tranmere

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Jake does his bit for the seat change

Pete Sixsmith, enjoyed his mini break in the country formerly known as the Czech Republic, spending the weekend drinking beer and watching football, but was back in time for last night’s comprehensive victory at the Stadium of Light. He took up his normal seat in the East Stand but we are sharing reporting duties between us this year, with Bob Chapman our third contributor for those games neither of us gets to. So with Pete up and about taking the latest tabloid gossip to the good folk of Shildon before making good use of his bus pass, it is my turn to dust down the old soapbox with thoughts on the 5-0 drubbing of Tranmere Rovers.

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Pete the Prophet: Ross gone just before tonight’s big game

Malcolm Dawson writes…. I am currently on one of my regular commitments at an hotel in Lancashire, organising and directing Bridge for a large group of mostly retired people for whom it is a pleasant and sociable way of spending a few days away from home, especially for those who are mostly on their own or less mobile, as well as the groups who come together for a bit of libation, in between the Bridge and the sandblasting you get walking along the prom when the tide is out.

As this afternoon’s session finished at 4.30 I switched on my laptop to be greeted with the news that Jack Ross has left the club. This is certainly what a lot of people who follow the fortunes of the club have been asking for and it will come as no surprise to Pete Sixsmith who hinted as much in his Soapbox on Sunday, following a miserable afternoon spent at Sincil Bank. Personally I am not sure that a simple change of manager will bring about an immediate change in fortunes and time will tell if those who have been calling for his head will turn out to be proved right. What I do believe however is that constant criticism affects us all and football managers, owners and players are people first and foremost. Social media provides a platform for people to voice their opinions, which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing but it also provides a degree of anonymity and distances those who make hurtful and spiteful comments from those who it is aimed at. This is further emphasised by a proliferation of websites which like to stress those negative tweets and postings with eye-catching headlines using provocative phrases like “fans blast” or “fans destroy” etc.

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