Rate the Ref: And the worst by far is….

MONSIEUR SALUT writes: the series has been an interesting exercise but will now be discontinued for the reasons set out below. Our thanks to Ken Gambles for the idea and Salut! Sunderland’s associate editor John McCormick for making it work

John McCormick writes: I have to include a warning right from the outset. Some of the judgements below are dodgier than even the dodgiest of McCormick’s dodgy numbers. The arithmetic’s correct, as always, and I removed the Accrington ratings because of the abandonment, but some games – away games especially – had low numbers of responses and that brings into question the reliability of our findings. For example, removing the one person who gave Craig Hicks (Scunthorpe Utd away) a Coote-like 1 would have increased the rating for that particular ref from 6.14 to 6.54.

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Rating the Ref: Watford don’t appreciate a SAFC bête noire either

Better late than never: what did you make of Steve Martin at the Valley?

A message from Ken Gambles, whose idea led to our mini-series Rate the Ref, presents an opportunity for Monsieur Salut to offer a final encouragement to supporters to mark Steve Martin’s performance in charge of the 1-1 draw at Charlton.

In his 1-10 list of ratings for each edition of the series, Ken chose a special ignominous mention for one hapless man with the whistle, David Coote. Alongside the (lowest) 1/10 option appears this explanatory note: “Coote-like (the ref for the Peterborough game). Enough said. Abysmal.”

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