The Euros, gone but not forgotten (though I’m trying)

John McCormick: bored
John McCormick. bored by the Euros

I was originally against expanding the European Championship. I thought bringing in “small” (in footballing terms, I intend no disrespect) countries would lead to a bloated, overlong tournament. I was right wasn’t I? Having 16 qualifiers from 24 led to stultifying games where the object was not to lose, rather than to play scintillating football, and an extra round that really wasn’t necessary, except for the money merchants and TV companies.

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Singing the praises of David Meyler, Sunderland and the Republic of Ireland

David MeylerImage: Peadar O’Sullivan

I may have mentioned already that Salut! Sunderland has a habit of going on tour. It is a tour that takes us to the new site ByFarTheGreatestTeam, where some of our writers have already been showcased, while Stephen Goldsmith pops up in all sorts of places (most recently the Anfield Wrap) and Monsieur Salut sheds his alter ego to write under his real name for ESPN.

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An open letter to James McClean – plus the winners of tickets for Liverpool

Jake has laptop issues. This is how he previewed last season's game

As the international break meanders on, three things are on Sunderland supporters’ minds: the hope that Adam Johnson’s injury has no effect in his availability, the even stronger hope that we get our first Premier win of the season at home to Liverpool on Saturday and the James McClean tweet saga (of which more, indirectly, later) …

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Salut! reflects: has James McClean burned his bridges with Republic of Ireland?

James McClean, a wiser use of enegry. By Jake

McClean Twitter rant sure to throw Republic of Ireland future into doubt

James McClean should maybe think about handing his phone and laptop to his big pal David Meyler when he has something to say. Meyler providing a vetting service may be in the best interests of McClean’s career after yet another ill advised outburst on Twitter last night. Following on from what some described an offensive joke last month, McClean has now used the social networking site to share his continuing discontent with his autonomy in the Ireland set up.

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James McClean, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland: eligibility and divided sympathies

IrelandImage: NASA Goddard

Monsieur Salut writes: it began, so far as Salut! Sunderland was concerned, as a straightforward defence of James McClean’s decision to make himself available for Republic of Ireland selection and not Northern Ireland. It provoked the longest and most animated discussion thread in months. As a gesture of goodwill, I have removed an anecdote from the original article; it dealt with lowlife sectarianism but although the incident occurred at Windsor Park, home of NI football, it concerned a club, not international, game. Otherwise, I stand by the thrust of my article. But I did invite Andrew Rodgers, easily the most rational of my critics from the other side of the Irish Sea, to set out his own views …

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James McClean: the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and a festering row

Jake adapts Tony Roffe's photographic magic to humour Salut! Sunderland

There is a good little debate in progress at this site on the rights, as I see it, and wrongs, as supporters of the Northern Ireland team have argued, of James McClean choosing to play senior international football for the Republic of Ireland.

The original article can be seen at this link:

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