Salut!’s week: special Norwich, West Brom and Charlie Hurley edition

The best of Salut! Sunderland‘s week – and often enough the worst – is summarised in this slot provided M Salut finds time do it. After what happened at Norwich, and in matters legal, it took one Baggie’s pre-match Q&A and another’s Charlie Hurley poem to make him find time this week …

Today, with all the stormwater that has swept under the bridge, a comprehensive review of what we’ve covered would be just too depressing.

If you want to read what Pete Sixsmith made of Norfolk before the match at Canary Road, that’s fine. Click here – Pete’s spirits were high at that point.

If you want to know what he thought of our performance, you must root around the site for yourselves. It would not be kind to post the link here, even though the piece was, as usual, well-written, intelligently argued and, in the circumstances, restrained.

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Salut!’s week: betrayed by Gyan, floored by Chelsea. Ready for Stoke?

Well, we certainly hope we’re ready for Stoke. Last season, they came to the Stadium of Light after the mauling at Newcastle left Steve Bruce in need of a quick bounceback. He got one, courtesy of two Cashamoah £yan goals and the ref’s poor eyesight. How much more urgent is the need for a win tomorrow? Salut! Sunderland summarises a busy, unhappy (for us) week with plenty, too, to interest Chelsea and Stoke supporters …

The ink had hardly dried on last week’s review of the week before the inkwell was well and truly knocked over. Hours before the kickoff of Sunderland v Chelsea, we were hit with news of the loan deal taking Asamoah Gyan to the United Arab Emirates.

Somehow this turned a match in which I feared we’d struggle into an away banker, even though Gyan would not have played in any case because of injury. It was something to do with what the news told me about the spirit within the camp and, perhaps, the club’s own view of the big picture.

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After Newcastle & Brighton, will Swansea improve on a week to forget?

This is the latest edition of Salut! Sunderland’s Week. Pete Sixsmith has worked his not inconsiderable backside off for us in the past seven days. Some of you clearly think he deserves some beer money; he’ll get some, once we’ve recorded our first win of the season, from the proceeds of the mugs and pens already ordered. If you feel like buying something, go to the Salut! Sunderland Shop now …

Most of us have known worse weeks to be a Sunderland supporter. Come to think of it, one 5-1 tonking at St James’ Park was much, much worse than a 1-0 defeat at home followed by our customary exit from as early a stage of the Carling Cup as we can manage.

But it has still been bad. We all know that only a win at Swansea today will restore the faith of lots of those now disaffected with Steve Bruce – and that plenty will remain disaffected even if we are three points better off by 5pm. We also know many SAFC supporters, long suffering or short, are some way short of confident that we can actually record our first win of the season. We shall see.

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Salut’s week: red rags to 13,000 Arsenal fans, and WBA blues

Here’s a quick digest of the week now drawing to a close, aimed at any reader who hasn’t time to visit Salut! Sunderland every day …

Years ago, I was told about the annoying habit of a man who was last but one in the job I then held. Each time he was praised for a notable piece of work, he would say “yes but what was wrong with it?” or “I know there’s a but coming”. Arsenal supporters remind me of him.

Not everyone admires Arsène Wenger or the teams he assembles. I do and have said so many times. But each mention of Arsenal at Salut! Sunderland prompts such an ill-humoured outpouring of anger, irritation and general sourness that it makes you wonder what they have to be so touchy about.

Monty and Rupert sounded such jovial characters when their names were broadcast over the Emirates PA system a couple of seasons ago that it seems a shame they’re probably miserable old codgers who spend the evening moaning into their Pimms and pink gins about having to make do with Champions’ League football and a top two Premier place. They should try supporting a team that manages one point in 24.

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