After Newcastle & Brighton, will Swansea improve on a week to forget?

This is the latest edition of Salut! Sunderland’s Week. Pete Sixsmith has worked his not inconsiderable backside off for us in the past seven days. Some of you clearly think he deserves some beer money; he’ll get some, once we’ve recorded our first win of the season, from the proceeds of the mugs and pens already ordered. If you feel like buying something, go to the Salut! Sunderland Shop now …

Most of us have known worse weeks to be a Sunderland supporter. Come to think of it, one 5-1 tonking at St James’ Park was much, much worse than a 1-0 defeat at home followed by our customary exit from as early a stage of the Carling Cup as we can manage.

But it has still been bad. We all know that only a win at Swansea today will restore the faith of lots of those now disaffected with Steve Bruce – and that plenty will remain disaffected even if we are three points better off by 5pm. We also know many SAFC supporters, long suffering or short, are some way short of confident that we can actually record our first win of the season. We shall see.

Looking back over the week, it is sad to have to relate that from our misfortune came massive numbers of visits to Salut! Sunderland. Leave aside the gloating thousands from Tyneside or Toon-supporting households and it has still been a week of whopping hits.

This, for the busy reader who needs a review of the week, is what we’ve been up to. Click on headlines to read the full items …

* The Newcastle Soapbox: when bad news comes in threes

Of all that was said and written about the Wear-Tyne derby, this is the only report I wish to draw attention to. Pete Sixsmith’s analysis is as sharp as ever.

* Bruce’s Banter: I took the cup seriously

This was Steve Bruce’s frankly inadequate response to the Carling Cup exit.

* Would even a win at Swansea leaving fans baying for blood?

And this was the response of Brflatt Boy: is it too early or too late to sack the manager?

* Carling Cup cop-out

Pete Sixsmith’s essential report from the Amex Stadium on our failure to assert Premier League class and see of Brighton.

* the Swansea Who Are You?

In which Phil Sumbler, a man with fingers in various Swansea-supporting pies, offered interesting and varied thoughts on us, them and today’s match

By all means navigate the site and see what else appeared during the week: Bruce’s e-mail after the Newcastle game, the Brighton Who Are You?, my own argument that talk of sacking the manager is absurdly premature and more.

It is probably a bad time to ask SAFC supporters to dig into their pockets, but I will remind everyone that the Salut! Sunderland shop is now open and starting to do a little business with its first items of merchandise, tea/coffee mugs and pens. More will be coming soon, including one or two special offers.

Monsieur Salut

2 thoughts on “After Newcastle & Brighton, will Swansea improve on a week to forget?”

  1. My coffee mugs have not yet arrived. What kind of a shop is this?
    I think Sunderland will win today. God knows, we should against Swansea (there again, we should have against Brighton, too). What will be significant is the manner of that win — who plays and how they play. This can’t be a scrappy, skin-of-the-teeth win; the team needs to show us something. More to the point, so does SB.

    • Since you live in Canada and asked for it to go to Bp Auckland, that may not be a surprise. All Salut! Sunderland products ordered since the shop opened should be in transit nowish.

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